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Battling Brittle Bone Disease

Daniel and Lakashah are dedicated parents who are passionate about ministry. Four years ago, they felt led to move their family to Georgia to help friends plant a church.

“They said, ‘We need children’s ministry directors,’ and we’re like, ‘Okay!’” Daniel says. “It’s been amazing to be able to have our children right there along with us during this process, and I know that it’s touching their lives, too.”

Their journey of faith hasn’t always been easy. The couple’s three-year-old, Daniella, has suffered from a brittle bone disease since she was born.

Lakashah shares, “An hour after she was born, the doctors were doing a routine test on her and broke her leg. You had to just handle her a certain way so that she wouldn’t break. That’s how delicate she was, just like glass. She’s still just this happy little girl through it all.”

Daniel works very long days as a chemical batcher, but when the medical bills piled up, finances got tight.

“Some people say you live paycheck to paycheck, well we weren’t even making it to the next paycheck,” he says.

Lakashah says, “It was very difficult for us to even put gas in our car. We didn’t know where our next meal was coming from sometimes.”

One day, Lakashah was reading a magazine and came across an ad for Warehouse of Hope, a partner of Operation Blessing.

“I remember one day she came home with a trunk full of groceries and it was one of those hard times where, you know, literally, it was like we had nothing,” Daniel shares.

“Going to Warehouse of Hope relieved a lot, a lot of pressure off of our family,” Lakashah shares with a smile. “You fill your whole car up. It’s so much, it’s like amazing how much they give you.”

Daniel says, “I can’t put it into words just how much of a blessing Operation Blessing and Warehouse of Hope has been to our family in this time and, you know, it’s gotten better. It’s gotten a lot better.”

Daniel recently took up woodworking. Between the extra income he makes from selling his furniture and the help the family receives from Warehouse of Hope and Operation Blessing, the couple are finally making ends meet.

Daniel says, “I’ve learned to worship God and to say, ‘God, you are my provider. I’m trusting in you.”

“I would want to say to the people that give to Operation Blessing, my family is so blessed. You’ve been such an impact in our life, and taken a burden off of our shoulders and just thank you so much,” Lakashah shares.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Daniel says. “God bless you, because you are a part of something bigger than you even know.”

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