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Paddington 2: A Family Must See?


The popular teddy bear, Paddington, is back for the follow-up to its first box office success with Paddington 2. 

Actor Hugh Bonneville said he was concerned about, "second album syndrome" and questioned if viewers would ask "have you still got it?"

In an interview with Studio 5's Efrem Graham Bonneville said that was not the case. "People have been reacting to the second film calling it the Godfather II of family films as in it is good if not better than the first, so that's lovely." 

This Paddington story adds new faces to the familiar cast, including Hugh Grant. 

"My mother read me Paddington stories every night. And as a result I now can't sleep without one. My girlfriend has to read me one. It has to be an apple, a glass of milk and then I get tucked in," Grant said. 

How Family Friendly is Paddington 2? Click here to read a review from Focus on the Family. 

In this Adventure Paddington spots a pop-up book in an antique shop, the perfect present for his aunt's 100th birthday, but a thief steals it before he can raise the money to buy it. 

Director Paul King and Actor Simon Farnaby wrote the screenplay.

"Some of the ideas came about sort of quickly," Farnaby said. 

King added, "We thought we had cracked it and then about a year later, we realized that we finally got it right simply fill it out."

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