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    Gardening to Transform

    Look at God’s gardening method. He’s at the center of our growth.

  • We can trust God's love, His plan, His strength, and His grace.

  • None of us knows when we’re going to die. But it’s a fact that we will die.

  • Character doesn’t just appear when teens mature. That much is true.

  • Here are a few ways you can show love and support to the women in your life who have lost a baby.

  • It's hard when your Prince Charming hurts you, but it makes it even tougher when your girlfriend doesn't stick by you through it all.

  • I Still Believe Trailer

    Erwin Bros. Release Trailer for Jeremy Camp Movie I Still Believe

    It’s here! It’s here! The much anticipated first look trailer for the new Jeremy Camp biopic released today.

  • From Facing the Giants to Fireproof to their last film, War Room, filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick have always found themes that address a...

  • This year, Harvest Christian Fellowship will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its annual crusade, August 23 – 25, with three days of evangelistic...

  • I can’t tell you how often a question like this one finds its way into a conversation with a client. A good and fair question, to be sure, but one...

  • CBN.com -- I know you’re busy. The kids need to get to school, work never stops, and when was the last time you called your mother? Our...

  • For the last several years there has been considerable focus on the "core" and its development. Look at the group exercise classes available at any...

  • Don’t let any of these 5 excuses be the reason your money is managing you and not the other way around.

  • Does money burn a hole in your pocket? Does buyer’s remorse set in after you have spent your money?

  • Is balancing your work and faith a challenge for you? How have you successfully managed the challenge?

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