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  • Behind every good man there is a good woman. Is the old adage true?

  • Authors Les and Leslie Parrott help couples identify how they each relate to time and learn how to maximize their time together.

  • Dr. Malinda Fasol shares the keys to good communication in your marriage.

  • You're living out a biblical mandate by creating healthy boundaries.

  • If we seek God's guidance, He will direct our parenting.

  • Author Jim Burns offers suggestions on getting to know your kids' friends and why it's so important.

Family Advice
  • Did you know that great friendships can make a huge difference in your life? Find out how!

  • Here are a few ways you can show love and support to the women in your life who have lost a baby.

  • Author Jim Burns shares 10 essential ingredients for building and maintaining a happy family.

  • Author Samantha Landy presents an honest, no-nonsense guide for victorious living as an older single.

  • Getting him to notice you may seem impossible, but remember that as a Christian, you know the ultimate matchmaker.

  • Here are eight reasons why dating can be a positive experience in your life.

  • "I want to be holy. I want Jesus Christ to be my Lord. But does that mean I have to wear outdated clothes and stop listening to groups that don’t...

  • Author Ron Rhodes educates us about the supernatural and the truth behind ghosts, mediums, and psychics.

  • If anything on the list applies to your child, he or she may be dealing with depression. Get help – and get it today!

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