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Heartache, Abuse, and Exhaustion—How Will It End?

Matt Vilkas - 700 Club Producer

Vanitha was abused and then abandoned by her alcoholic husband.  She was left with a young son, Adithya, and no means to support him.   So she borrowed a sewing machine and became a tailor.

Adithya said, "My mother works hard just to pay my school fees.  When I come home from school, I usually don't have anything to eat, and I don't have any toys to play with.  It makes me very sad."

Vanitha could only spend half of her day sewing, because the rest was spent getting water from a farmer's electric-powered-pump.   It was a mile away from her home, and there was no guarantee that she would return with water.

Vanitha explained, "Sometimes there were power outages, so we had to wait for hours for it to come back on.  And once it did, we would fight to get our jugs filled.  When that happened, I didn't have time to sew enough to buy food for my son."

Then Vanitha found out that her only source of income was about to be taken away.  She had to return the sewing machine.  The local pastor prayed with her about her job and water problem.

Vanitha said, "Not long after we prayed, a CBN water drilling team came and dug a well in our village.  Now we can easily get lots of water whenever we need it, and we don't have to fight over it."
We also gave her a brand new sewing machine, so she will never have to worry about her income, and we gave Adithya some toys.

Adithya said with a big smile, "I'm so happy.  Now my mother can get water quickly and come back home to make us food and help me get ready for school.  I also like playing with my new toys."

"I'm earning enough money to raise my son, because all of the villagers are coming to me to stitch their clothes," said Vanitha.  "The well and sewing machine has given us lots of joy.  I want to thank you so much for everything."

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