Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Prays with Conservative Evangelical Women

Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Prays with Conservative Evangelical Women


Burns Strider, a close friend and faith advisor to Hillary Clinton tells The Brody File that Clinton currently has a prayer circle of women that pray with her regularly...and a few of them are well-known conservative evangelicals.

We spoke with Strider at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia where we also learn of a time where Hillary Clinton actually stepped in at her church and taught Sunday School for a couple months.

Strider has been sending Clinton Bible verses and other motivational musings nearly every day for nearly 10 years. He was her faith outreach director in 2008 when she ran for president and this time around, he's an informal advisor. She greatly respects what he has to say on matters of faith.

Watch the interview along with a partial transcript below.

Strider: They never went very deep in the Sunday School lesson so she did something extremely Hillary. She didn’t complain. She didn’t talk about them. She didn’t go somewhere else. She said, 'Do you mind if I teach the class for a few weeks?' And then she goes and writes her own curriculum and spends a couple months teaching the class the Bible. That’s the Hillary, that’s the Methodist, that’s the Christian I know.”

“She has a wonderful prayer circle of other women, whom every name would be known if I shared it. The majority are evangelical leaders. A couple of times a month I have them on the phone with her for prayer time…sometimes every week. If I’m not regularly doing it she’ll ask me why and get me going again..."

“The three evangelical women on the call are ministers wives who have a very strong activism in the ministry and whose husbands and them are really well known in the conservative community. They’re conservatives."

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