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How an early life-lesson gave one man the faith to save thousands of orphans.

Alex and Mia talk about how people who have been forgiven much tend to be more on fire for God.

On Newswatch AM November 9th: Volcano erupts on New Zealand island, killing at least five, with many more missing; investigators trying determine if...

Malachi introduces a Superbook dancers music video that reminds us to focus on Jesus.

Naomi and Alitheia explain what the verse Philippians 4:13 really means.

Kaitlin talks about how God can change anyones life.

Hugh Ross discusses how God’s nearness is a comforting thread through the Bible.

Lawrence and Emma are at the Gumtree farm talking about 3 ways God has used the donkey for his purposes.

On Newswatch AM October 31st: Vote expected along party lines today in House of Representatives on ground rules for impeaching President Trump, which...

Morgan and Chandler talk about what the Bible means when God says that he will give us the desires of our hearts.


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