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Videos on Doubt

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Videos on Doubt

After the sudden death of a close friend, Michael turned his back on God and turned to drugs and alcohol. But when a flood destroyed his home, he...

For much of her life, Jordan believed that there was no evidence of God. When she debated with Christians, she always won. Then, during her freshman...

Bestselling author Lee Strobel was close to death and caught a glimpse of life without God after suffering a series of medical crises. In his new...

An artist feels trapped by fear and self doubt in a corporate cubicle world until she seeks God and experiences a deliverance from negative thinking.

Hollywood acting veteran Kevin Sorbo shares on themes of faith, doubt and disbelief addressed in his movie, “God’s Not Dead.”

During a minor surgery Crystal took a nine minute journey into heaven which restored her faith in God.

Gordon Robertson goes to the Bible to teach about faith without doubt when it comes to physical healing.

Paul was an atheist and a scholar, but after reading and research, he concludes the truth about Jesus.

Abbas served as an interpreter for U.S. Forces. When tragedy struck, he yearned for his life to change.

Sharon's knee never recovered from a car accident injury, and she relied on pain medications to get through each day. She didn't believe she could be...

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