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700 Club Interactive - October 18, 2019

Freed from a Turkish prison after 735 days, Pastor Andrew Brunson and his wife discuss his new book God's Hostage: A True Story of Imprisonment, Persecution and Perseverance.

700 Club Interactive - October 17, 2019

Pastor Mark Batterson shares the tools necessary to pursue, recognize, and flip every blessing into a double blessing - when a blessing in your life is flipped to bless another.

700 Club Interactive - October 16, 2019

The Founder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels, Anne Beiler, shares about the death of her 19-month old daughter in her recent book The Secret Lies Within.

700 Club Interactive - October 15, 2019

A Hindu woman recalls her upbringing. Shunned and rejected after she was violated at age 14, eventually she turns to Jesus who delivers her from drug addiction and depression.

700 Club Interactive - October 14, 2019

Sold for sex as a child and molested as a teenager, a woman finds healing from her past and a purpose for her life.

700 Club Interactive - October 11, 2019

British ministry leader Dr. Richard Roberts will discuss his work as a layman bridging the gap between non-denominational Charismatics and the Vatican.

700 Club Interactive - October 10, 2019

Creator of Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer, will discuss the release of new episodes and a new Bible for kids that makes learning about the Bible fun.

700 Club Interactive - October 9, 2019

Anne Graham Lotz shares how the Holy Spirit has been her constant companion since the death of her father Billy Graham, husband, and her own breast cancer diagnosis.

700 Club Interactive - October 8, 2019

A farmer is tangled in equipment and nearly dies. Prayers save him; hear how the Christian community supports his family.

700 Club Interactive - October 7, 2019

A man feels worthless because of the molestation he suffered as a child; he discovers his worth when he encounters God’s grace.

700 Club Interactive - October 4, 2019

A high school football coach takes on the challenge of revitalizing a woeful program at a low-income public school while discovering the talents of an unlikely hero.

700 Club Interactive - October 3, 2019

See how Heather Bromley’s desperate prayers for help are immediately answered as she pries the jaws of a cougar off her 7-year-old son Zach Bromley.

700 Club Interactive - October 2, 2019

Alabama Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa discusses his faith and the comeback win that propelled the Crimson Tide to the 2018 National Championship.

700 Club Interactive - October 1, 2019

Pastor Derek Grier shares personal details from his journey of faith from Islam to Christianity and why it seems that God stops to help some people while bypassing others.

700 Club Interactive - September 30, 2019

Against doctor’s advice, a woman refuses to end her ectopic pregnancy because of a promise her husband received from God.

700 Club Interactive - September 27, 2019

Celebrity Chef, T.V. host and winner of season five’s The Next Food Network Star, Melissa D’Arabian shares about the power and purpose of food and how it connects us to God, one another and ourselves.

Show Clips

Imprisoned For His Faith

Pastor Andrew Brunson spent 2 years in a Turkish prison because of his Christian faith. He and his wife Norine share what is was like from both sides of the prison walls.

Bless Those Around You…By Receiving

Author and pastor Mark Batterson challenges you to adopt a lifestyle of gratitude and generosity so you can receive and then give God’s blessings to those around you.

Fulfilling a Prayer for Unity

Charismatic ministry leader Dr. Richard Roberts is working to build rapport between the Catholics and protestant churches in England.

Veggie Tales Creator Talks Kids and Content

Phil Vischer has been creating kid-friendly media for nearly 30 years and you’ll be glad to know that more is on the way.

Trusting Jesus in Me

Author Anne Graham Lotz discusses the Holy Spirit and how we can know and lean on him for our every need.

Prodigal Daughter Returns Home

Pastor Rob Koke along with his daughter Danielle, share the story of heartbreak and healing, encouraging others to know freedom in Christ is available to everyone.

Freedom from Disordered Eating and Body Image Issues

Haylie Abele became obsessed with losing weight, caught in a viscous cycle where she never felt skinny enough. When she learned her identity as a beloved daughter of God the chains of her body image issues dissolved.

The American Dream Through an Immigrant’s Eyes

Author Ali Master shares his unique perspective of the spiritual transformation he experienced as a young Muslim coming to America for the first time to attend college.

Journey From Islam to Christianity

Pastor Derek Grier shares personal details from his journey of faith from Islam to Christianity and why it seems that God stops to help some people while bypassing others.

The Power and Purpose of Food

Celebrity Chef, T.V. host and winner of season five’s The Next Food Network Star, Melissa D’Arabian shares how food connects us to God, one another and ourselves.

Waging War Against Spiritual Enemies

Author Cora Jakes-Coleman identifies the tactics of the enemy and shows how to use the weapons God has given you to fight back.

Baseball Great Barr Zito Shares the Secrets of the Curveball

Barry Zito accomplished the pinnacle of success in baseball, Cy Young Award winner and a World Series Champ. But something was missing and Barry was determined to find the solution.

Restless Soul Finds More Than A Perfect Night’s Sleep

My Pillow founder Mike Lindell shares the story of his decades-long drug addiction and how his faith in God eventually brought him to a crossroads.

Face to Face With Evil

Jennifer Bennet was shot at point-blank range by the DC Navy Yard shooter. In her book, Standing Still, she recounts the details of that day and how her faith prepared her for that fateful moment.

Author Jonathan Cahn Uncovers Ancient Mysteries

Best-selling author Jonathan Cahn believes it’s possible that an ancient mystery lies behind the events in our world, the leaders of our times and the course of our lives.