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700 Club Interactive - June 24, 2019

A deadly virus strikes an 8-year-old boy, mobilizing his community to pray. When an angel appears in his hospital room, the boy’s symptoms begin to disappear.

700 Club Interactive - June 21, 2019

Franco Santoriello was a world champion body-builder who lived the fast life with money, drugs, and women, until a hit and run landed him in jail, where he had an encounter with Christ.

700 Club Interactive - June 20, 2019

Author and pastor Louie Giglio understands that fatherless homes are an epidemic. However, Louie wants people to know that God can be trusted as their Heavenly Father.

700 Club Interactive - June 19, 2019

Jesus Culture’s Kim Walker-Smith shares her journey from a painful childhood of fear and shame to being part of a global worship movement.

700 Club Interactive - June 18, 2019

Greg Matthews shares his near fatal attack by an enraged grizzly bear that led to an unexpected encounter with God.

700 Club Interactive - June 17, 2019

After a divine visitation, a woman is miraculously healed of bone cancer.

700 Club Interactive - June 14, 2019

Nancy Chalmers’ “perfect life” crumbled under her son’s drug addiction, but it’s also how she learned how to be vulnerable with her Christian community and trust God with her children.

700 Club Interactive - June 13, 2019

Efrem Graham drops by to review this week’s top five stories from the entertainment world.

700 Club Interactive - June 12, 2019

Kris Olsen struggled with same sex attraction most of her life, see how she finally found freedom.

700 Club Interactive - June 11, 2019

Former L.A.P.D. Officer and Marine, Ken Harrison, discusses his desire to equip men to step into marriage, families, and work with new strength.

700 Club Interactive - June 10, 2019

On an abortionist’s table, a young woman changes her mind, chooses life, and gives her baby up for adoption. Her child would grow up to be a powerful voice for the unborn.

700 Club Interactive - June 7, 2019

A young man loses his brother and turns to dealing drugs to mask his pain. Facing a felony, he reaches out to a pastor for help and receives a life-changing opportunity.

700 Club Interactive - June 6, 2019

A 16-year-old is in solitary confinement after shooting and killing a rival gang member. See how hate and rage disappear from his life while in prison.

700 Club Interactive - June 5, 2019

Rejected by her father and later her husband, a woman seeks out meaning in her life through palm readers and eventually voodoo before experiencing true meaning and purpose.

700 Club Interactive - June 4, 2019

A five-year-old with a brain hemorrhage the size of a golf ball, see how prayers from around the world saved her.

700 Club Interactive - June 3, 2019

The ultimate comeback: a young pastor shares his gut-wrenching faith journey of conquering tongue cancer to sing again.

Show Clips

“Microadventure Family” Goes from Million Dollar Debt to Minimalism

After recovering from a business disaster costing them a million dollars, the Stifters felt God leading them to live minimally and travel. Now they have no debt, travel the US, and give the money they make from their social media to people in need.

What We Need to Know About Fathers

Louie Giglio shares his new book, Not Forsaken, explores fatherhood and how we can find freedom as children of a perfect Father.

Near-Fatal Attack Leads to Wild Awakening

Greg Matthews shares how an attack from a grizzly bear changed his life.

The Bible is Everything We Need

Michael and Lauren McAfee are millennials challenging a new generation to reevaluate how they view the Bible and why it might not be what we expect, but yet everything we need.

The Latest and Greatest Gadgets of 2019

Lifestyle and tech expert Caleb Kinchlow showcases a new crop of technology gadgets to make your life easier and a little more fun.

What the Bible Says About Being a Man

Men are hungry for authenticity and for sound biblical teaching on true masculinity. Author Ken Harrison believes when a man truly understands God's desires, he will naturally express godly masculinity.

Mother of Addict Forced to Face the Truth of Imperfection

From the outside, it seemed like Nancy Chalmers and her family had it all together: a Christian family pursuing their own “American Dream.” But when the façade crumbled, Nancy found herself at the foot of the cross, learning how to be vulnerable with her Christian community and trust God with her children.

The Business of Your Church

You probably don’t think of the church you attend as a business and chances are your pastor doesn’t either, but that could lead to big problems.

The Importance of Eating Clean and Lean

Dr. Ian Smith explains why the key to healthy living is not just what you eat…but when.

Why The Rebirth of Israel is Important

In his new book, “I Am Cyrus,” author and speaker Craig Von Buseck recounts the Jewish fight for statehood and the critical moment when an American President fulfilled prophecy.

Preaching Under the Influence

Author and minister Brandon Holt shares his victory over opioid addiction and the restoration of his home and family that followed.

An Unlikely Journey from Incarceration to Freedom

After she was arrested for non-violent participation in a drug conspiracy, Alice Marie Johnson was given a life sentence. She had no reason to hope, yet she still did.

When Panic Attacks

Award-winning Christian artist Josh Wilson explains how he confronted his issues with anxiety.

God Does The Impossible

Aly and Josh Taylor of TLC’s “Rattled,” share their remarkable story of starting a family after a battle with cancer.

Sitcom Star Shares His Foundational Faith

You know him as Chuck Larabee on FOX’s “Last Man Standing,” but Jonathan Adams knows his most important role has been growing in Christ.