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700 Club Interactive - May 22, 2018

A young man finds his identity in his athleticism, until his party life leads to a paralyzing auto accident.

700 Club Interactive - May 21, 2018

Grammy-winning singer Zach Williams was once a drug and alcohol addicted pop star until he heard a song that changed his life.

700 Club Interactive - May 18, 2018

Kevin Sorbo’s wife, Sam, discusses how Jesus spoke in parables to teach truths, and when we serve others we can grow and change the world.

700 Club Interactive - May 17, 2018

Thistle Farms founder Becca Stevens shares her personal story of childhood abuse and helping women who have been trafficked.

700 Club Interactive - May 16, 2018

Jill Donovan shares how an embarrassing Oprah appearance caused her to rethink her re-gifting strategy & unexpectedly launch a booming jewelry business.

700 Club Interactive - May 15, 2018

Former NFL running back and Dancing With the Stars winner Rashad Jennings discusses how his faith helped him over come childhood obstacles.

700 Club Interactive - May 14, 2018

A six-week-old with a deadly heart defect inspires a prayer chain across the country.

700 Club Interactive - May 4, 2018

A woman with an abusive father searches for love through drug and alcohol abuse. She discovers the greatest love she’d ever known.

700 Club Interactive - May 3, 2018

Scott and Nedra Ross were able to face everything from prejudice to cancer by praying together every day since their honeymoon over 50 years ago.

700 Club Interactive - May 2, 2018

Brothers David and Jason Benham were fired by HGTV for their faith and lost their reality show, but they continue to live boldly for the Lord and share the lessons they learned along the way.

700 Club Interactive - May 1, 2018

Heidi Baker gives personal insight into living from the presence of God and the lifelong continuous influence of the Holy Spirit.

700 Club Interactive - April 30, 2018

Bestselling author Mo Isom says it’s time for some real conversations about virginity, promiscuity, and everything in between.

700 Club Interactive - April 27, 2018

Tina Beauchamp wanted to escape the shame of abuse from her childhood. She tried to fill her life with distractions, until she found value and purpose in Christ.

700 Club Interactive - April 26, 2018

Author and pastor Rusty George shares secrets on how to live in true community and find the fulfillment you’ve been looking for.

700 Club Interactive - April 25, 2018

One of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, Pastor Wilfredo "Choco" de Jesus shares the limitless surprises of a faithful God and how you can “Move into More”.

700 Club Interactive - April 24, 2018

Rabbi Kirt Schneider discusses how he came to Christ through a vision and how to live in God’s presence every day.

Show Clips

Israeli Ingenuity is Repairing the World

Author Avi Jorisch explains why Israeli innovators of all faiths feel compelled to make the world better.

Actions that Change the World

Actress and author Sam Sorbo shares how taking action to invest in others is a practical way to change our world.

Healing Wounded Women With Love

Author and speaker Becca Stevens shares about her humanitarian efforts to help women who have been trafficked.

Making the Case for Miracles

Lee Strobel, author of “Case for Christ” shares his new book, “Case for Miracles.”

Professional Re-Gifter Shares Insights on Giving

Author and entrepreneur Jill Donovan shares her story of resilience and inspiration in her business ventures.

Former NFL Star Wants You Off Life’s Sidelines

Rashad Jennings shares his inspiring story and experiences that will encourage you to follow your dreams.

Successful Model's Career Isn't Enough

Jennifer struggled to find her place despite a successful modeling career. Then one day she lost it all and finally found God.

Follow God’s Dream for You

Brothers David and Jason Benham remind us that when you follow God’s dream for you, it’s better than you could’ve dreamed of.

Experience the Holy Spirit in Every Area of Your Life

Heidi Baker gives personal insight into living from the presence of God.

Having the Conversations that the Church Forgot

New York Times bestselling author Mo Isom confronts sexually illiterate people drowning in the repercussions of overwhelming sin struggles with a message of understanding and hope.

The Surprising Solution to Your Self-Help Needs

Author and pastor Rusty George shares how to satisfy your deepest needs through the power of community.

Let God Surprise You

Pastor Wilfredo "Choco" de Jesus shares the limitless surprises of a faithful God and how you can “Move into More”.

Live in God’s Presence Today

Rabbi Kirt Schneider sharesd how to live in God’s presence every day.

Getting Personal with The 700 Club’s Scott Ross

Scott has been married to his Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame wife Nedra for over 50 years and together they’ve faced everything from prejudice to cancer by praying together every day since their honeymoon.

Win the Culture Battle

Michael Yousseff discusses how to prepare America for the next generation.

Helping Jewish People Return to Their Homeland

Alan Hoffmann, CEO and director general of the Jewish Agency, immigrated to Israel from South Africa in 1967, has been credited with the "strategic refocusing" of the work of The Jewish Agency.