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Next Gen Voices: DawnCheré Wilkerson “You Are Made for More”

You are sons and daughters of God, co-heirs with Christ, more than conquerors—you are MADE FOR MORE! Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson of Vous Church in Miami unpacks Romans 8 in this powerful message.

Next Gen Voices: Levi Lusko “Through the Eyes of a Lion”

What will you do when the unthinkable happens in your life? Pastor Levi Lusko of Freshlife Church in Montana opens up about his family’s most painful experience and how God has brought incredible purpose from their pain.

Next Gen Voices: Tim Ross “You Can Do It!”

Do you feel ill-equipped to follow God’s call on your life? Pastor Tim Ross of Embassy City Church in Irving, Texas says we must focus on what God says about us and move forward in the strength we have. God will do the rest!

Next Gen Voices: Mike Santiago “Secrets to the Kingdom”

Are you on fire for God or is your faith flickering out? Pastor Mike Santiago of Focus Church in Raleigh, NC reveals the secrets to God’s kingdom that will unlock God’s power and lead you into a deep relationship with Jesus.

Next Gen Voices: JF Wilkerson “Kingdom of God”

Are you doing life by yourself? In the Kingdom of God, there’s a better way. Pastor JF Wilkerson shares how doing life with a community of believers brings fulfilment and purpose.

Next Gen Voices: Ashley Wilkerson “Prayer & Fasting”

What is fasting? When should I fast? Pastor Ashley Wilkerson of Church for All Nations in Tacoma, Washington says connecting to God through prayer and disconnecting from the world through fasting will deepen our relationship with God and strengthen our spirit man.

Next Gen Voices: Ryan Visconti “Conquering Anxious Thoughts”

Are you worried about things that may never happen? Is that worry leading to fear? Watch Next Gen Voices as Pastor Ryan Visconti of Generation Church in Mesa, Arizona says you can starve your fear and feed your faith by using prayer and the word of God to conquer anxious thoughts.

Next Gen Voices: Rich Wilkerson Jr. “Anytime Anxiety Comes”

Do you battle anxiety on a regular basis? Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. of Vous Church in Miami reveals how to defeat anxious thoughts with a simple yet powerful daily habit.

Next Gen Voices: DawnCheré Wilkerson “Living the Dream”

Many times, how we dream things will happen and how events unfold look very different. Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson of Vous Church in Miami warns us not to give up on our God-given dreams. You will face challenges living the dream, but if your dream is centered on Jesus it will be worth it!

Next Gen Voices: Travis Jones “The Holy Spirit is Shifting You”

If you feel like you’ve gotten off course, it’s time to press in to the Holy Spirit. Pastor Travis Jones of Motivation Church in Richmond, Virginia says the Holy Spirit wants to interact with you, to guide you, and help you get back on track.

Next Gen Voices - Levi Lusko “Fight Like a Wolf”

Are you stressed out? Mentally exhausted? Anxiety and worry can turn our minds into a battleground, and sometimes it feels like we’re not equipped for the fight. Pastor Levi Lusko of Fresh Life Church in Montana shares biblical principles and practical tips that can help you win the war within.

Next Gen Voices: Mike Santiago “Choose It Before You Lose It”

In every relationship, there is a choice. A choice to continue to love, honor, and serve each other or a choice to stop trying and just follow our feelings. In this message, Pastor Mike Santiago of Focus Church in Raleigh, NC shares a simple scripture that can change the dynamic of your relationships.

Next Gen Voices: JF Wilkerson “You Can Make a Difference”

Imagine what could happen if you and I had faith like Noah—because he obeyed God, our lives were spared. The good news is when we align ourselves with God's plan ANYTHING is possible. Watch this inspiring message from Pastor JF Wilkerson of Church for All Nations in Tacoma, Washington.

Next Gen Voices: Krystal Oquist “What is My Purpose?”

What Is my purpose? Krystal Oquist, E-Church pastor at Trinity Church in Miami, reminds us that our job or vocation does not define us. When our identity is secure in Christ, we can find purpose in every area of our lives.

Next Gen Voices - Ryan Visconti “When Real Isn’t Ideal”

How do you trust God even when your situation looks hopeless?! Listen as Pastor Ryan Visconti of Generation Church in Mesa, Arizona reminds us that while we’re waiting for the answer, God is working ALL things together for our good!

Next Gen Voices - DawnCheré Wilkerson “Most Wanted”

What do you want the most in life? Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson says we must dig deep to find the motivation behind our wants, because desires lead to our destination.