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Mark Levin: Donald Trump is a 'Victim of Social Activist Media; Most Persecuted President in My Lifetime'

David Brody interviews radio and television talk show host Mark Levin about his new book, Unfreedom of the Press.

'God is My Co-Pilot': The Founder of 'Top Gun' School Talks About Its 50th Anniversary

Founder of the Navy's elite fighter pilot school, Top Gun, talks about the training program's accomplishments on its 50th anniversary.

Healthy Living - May 21, 2019

Anti-aging expert Dr. Steven Gundry, author of The Longevity Paradox, discusses the keys to feeling good and living disease-free well into our golden years.

Superbugs: One Doctor's Race to Stop an Epidemic

Dr. Matt McCarthy talks about his book, Superbugs: The Race to Stop an Epidemic, on Monday's 700 Club.

Honor God by Honoring Others

Rich Wilkerson Sr. shares his new book, I Choose Honor, exploring the key to relationships, faith, and life.

700 Club Interactive - May 17, 2019

Pam Tebow, mother of Tim Tebow, discusses her new book, "Ripple Effects," in which she encourages us all to maximize our God-given opportunities for influence and to watch how far the ripples will spread.

Tim Tebow’s Mom Wants You to Embrace God’s Opportunities

Pam Tebow discusses her latest book, Ripple Effects, encouraging us to maximize our God-given opportunities.

Fox News Anchor Opens Up About Life, Faith: 'I Just Try to be Open to What the Lord May Have' 

Fox News reporter and host, Shannon Bream, talks with CBN News about her career, her faith, and her new book, Finding the Bright Side.

700 Club Interactive - May 15, 2019

Dr. Joseph Umidi discusses his new book, “Jesus the Master Coach” and how you can have life-changing interactions.

Enable Yourself for Life-Changing Interactions

Regent University’s Vice President, Joseph Umidi, shares his new book, “Jesus the Master Coach”.

Healthy Living - May 14, 2019


Healthy Living - May 7, 2019


How Israel Stopped Syria from Becoming a Global Nuclear Nightmare

The inside story of how Israel stopped Syria from becoming a global nuclear nightmare is told in a new book, Shadow Strike, by Yaakov Katz.


'What was Meant for Evil…God Used for Good': Rape Survivor Helps Other Victims Find Freedom

Former television personality Rosemary Trible tells how she turned the aftermath of a horrific sexual assault into an opportunity to help other rape victims find freedom.

Studio 5: Forever Amen

Country music’s Randy Travis opens up about his road to recovery. Will Smith and the cast of Disney’s live action remake of Aladdin take us inside the movie. And we preview what big films are coming to the big screen this summer.

'God is My Co-Pilot': The Founder of 'Top Gun' School Talks About Its 50th Anniversary

Founder of the Navy's elite fighter pilot school, Top Gun, talks about the training program's accomplishments on its 50th anniversary.

Makers of 'Unplanned' Release 'Planned from the Start' Devotional to Help Post-Abortive Women Heal

The pro-life film "Unplanned" scored big at the box office, with millions of faithful followers. The film's makers have now released a companion devotional called "Planned from the Start" to help former workers and other women heal from the pain of abortion.

'Breakthrough' Takes 4th at Box Office Despite Blockbuster 'Avengers' Competition

The real life miracle story told in the movie "Breakthrough" is still popular in theaters despite stiff competition as "Avengers: Endame" set some historic box office records this weekend.

'I Think There's...Fear': Abby Johnson Responds to Washington Post Editorial's Misrepresentation of Abortion Numbers

A Washington Post editorial on abortion recently reported that most Americans identify as pro-choice and claims that "public support for abortion rights is at its highest since ...Roe v. Wade.'" The editorial, released April 23, cited a poll that showed that 67 percent of voters say that abortion should be legal in all or most cases.  But Abby Jo hnson, the former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic director whose life story is the subject of the hit movie, "Unplanned," pushed back against those claims. 

The 700 Club - April 17, 2019

Worship leader Darlene Zschech takes a journey through, “the valley of the shadow of death,” and comes out stronger on the other side. Plus, see how the new movie, “Breakthrough,” is already changing lives.

'Breakthrough': Feel-Good, Faith-Building, True Story Hits Theaters

Efrem Graham talks with the actors and real-life people behind the true story told in the new movie, Breakthrough.

The 700 Club - April 15, 2019

It’s the true story behind the brand new movie, “Breakthrough.” Watch a sub-zero survival unfold and see what saved this teen’s life.

New Film Tells True Story of the Unlikely Friendship that Healed Town's Racial Divide 

A new film, The Best of Enemies, tells the story of what happened when Ann Atwater, a grassroots black activist is forced to sit down with KKK leader C.P. Ellis to find a solution for their community.

The 700 Club - April 4, 2019

The widow of “The American Sniper,” Taya Kyle opens up about her late husband Chris and the American spirit of the military wives. Plus, a sneak peek of the new movie, “The Best of Enemies.”

Twitter Reinstates 'Unplanned' Movie Account After Suddenly Banning Film from Platform

The pro-life film "Unplanned" raked in more than $6 million and took fifth place at the box office in its opening weekend. Despite its surprising success, the movie's Twitter page has been embroiled in controversy after the social media giant briefly suspended the film's account. 

New Movie Tells Life Story of Luis Palau, the 'Billy Graham of Latin America'

He's been called the Billy Graham of Latin America and now a new movie, "Palau," captures the life and legacy of evangelist Luis Palau. 

A Message of Hope and Forgiveness: 'Unplanned' Movie Tells True Story of Former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director

The new movie "Unplanned" takes the audience inside the abortion industry with a real-life story of a former clinic director for Planned Parenthood.

The 700 Club - February 27, 2019

The duo who lost a gig by standing up for their faith, the Benham brothers share why they’re “bold and broken.” Plus, Tim Tebow takes us inside his new movie as he adds “filmmaker” to his resume.

'Run the Race': Tim Tebow Encourages Young People with New Movie

Athlete-turned-movie-producer, Tim Tebow, talks about his new film, "Run the Race."


Studio 5: Forever Amen

Country music’s Randy Travis opens up about his road to recovery. Will Smith and the cast of Disney’s live action remake of Aladdin take us inside the movie. And we preview what big films are coming to the big screen this summer.

What A Friend - The Superbook Show

What a friend we have in Jesus-- the music video!

TPi - A Life Well Lived

700 Club co-host, Terry Meeuswen, shares personal stories from her past that helped shape her into the woman she has become. Acclaimed Ghanaian worship leader Joe Mettle joins Muyiwa in the studio.

Jerusalem Dateline: 4/26/19 US Peace Plan about Business, Core Issues

What will the long-awaited US peace plan look like? Kushner says, business and core issues; plus could relations with one of Israel's best Muslim allies be a model for co-existence? And Ezekiel's Valley of Dry Bones comes to life in new musical work.

The 700 Club - April 25, 2019

Famed music executive Ken Mansfield remembers being on the roof for the Beatles’ final performance. Plus, a pre-teen hitman discovers the hit is out for him. See the story on today’s 700 Club.

TPi - Believe the Impossible

Despite being told she could never have a child, a woman chooses to believe for the impossible. Singer of the hit song, You're Bigger, joins Muyiwa in the studio.

Beatles Insider Plants Seeds of Faith

Author and music executive Ken Mansfield sits down with The 700 Club’s Scott Ross to share memories of the Beatles last live performance in 1969.

Bethel Music performs “Ever Be”

Bethel Music performs “Ever Be”

Demetria Stallings Sings “Mighty Cross”

Demetria Stallings sings “Mighty Cross.”

700 Club Interactive - April 9, 2019

Josh Turner’s velvety baritone voice and long-standing country music success leads to his recent and first Gospel album, profiling time-tested and treasured hymns.

'Dependence on God Got Me Through': Singer Cristabelle Braden Talks About Her Brain Injury, Latest Music and New Book

Singer and brain injury survivor Cristabelle Braden continues to tell her story and inspire others with her latest music and a new book.

CBN News Studio Five anchor Efrem Graham sat down with her to talk about it all during this National Brain Injury Month. 

Studio 5: Perfect Combination - March 20, 2019

We’re asking, “Where are they now” -- and catching up with singer Stacy Lattisaw. See what journalist Paula Faris is doing after leaving The View and Good Morning America Weekend. And rapper Picasomusik shares his music.

Studio 5: March 13, 2019

Grammy nominated singer Brian Courtney Wilson charts his musical journey. Cristabelle Braden shares new music and her first book. And we go behind-the-scenes of the film Five Feet Apart with stars Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson.

Bethel’s Brian Johnson Gets Real About Anxiety

Brian Johnson is the co-founder of Bethel Music with his wife Jenn and a father of four children. He will discuss his battle with anxiety and depression. Praise and worship were a vital part of his recovery. Now, he shares his story to help others.

The 700 Club - March 13, 2019

Bethel Music’s Brian Johnson discusses the wake-up call that saved his life. Plus, Lara Logan calls out her colleagues on the left-wing biases in the newsroom.


Going the Distance - Episode 06

Shawn shares stories with NASCAR Driver Michael McDowell, NFL Quarterback Case Keenum, and For Yankees Pitcher Marino Rivera.

Going the Distance - Episode 05

Shawn talks with long time NBA Executive Pat Williams about winning in Basketball and winning at life; Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson shares the real story behind the Eagles’ Super Bowl run.

Going the Distance - Episode 04

Shawn talks with New York Mets Pitcher Steven Matz about find his God given purpose in baseball after an arm injury that almost jeopardized his future. Shawn visits with former NFL Linebacker O.J. Brigance, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2007 who continues to defy the odds. Shawn talks with Denver Broncos Safety Shamarko Thomas about how his life changed after he lost both of his parents just months apart.

700 Club Interactive - April 17, 2019

Former NFL Running Back D.J. Dozier discusses how to succeed in sports, life, professionally, and personally.

Retired Athlete Prepares You to Dominate Your Life

Former NFL Running Back D.J. Dozier discusses how to succeed in sports, life, professionally, and personally.

Going the Distance - Episode 03

Shawn visits Minute Made Park in Houston to talk with Jose Altuve about being the smallest player in Major League Baseball. The Chicken Runs at Midnight: Shawn visits with former baseball coach Rich Donnelly to talk about his story of redemption after neglecting his family for the game and the daughter that gave him a wakeup call h wasn’t expecting.

Going the Distance - Episode 02

Shawn talks with New England Patriots Matthew Slater who shares how he almost left football while in college. Devin McCourty about his journey to the NFL after his father passed away when he was 3 years old and how his relationship with God filled the void. Plus, Shawn visits the NFL Headquarters to discuss how they’re making the game safer for players.

Going the Distance - Episode 01

Shawn talks with Old Dominion University Quarterback Blake LaRussa about his decision to forgo his senior season and to enroll in seminary. And, Shawn talks with Former NFL/Alabama Running Back Glenn Coffee about his decision to leave the NFL 10 years prior to Blakes decision. Keywords: Old Dominion University, College Football, Alabama, New York Jets

The 700 Club - April 8, 2019

CBN Sports is in Minneapolis to talk faith with players and coaches at the NCAA Final Four. Plus, See how one government policy is crippling our small businesses.

How NASCAR's Michael McDowell’s Faith Was Tested

NASCAR driver Michael McDowell has made a name for himself in motor sports. He remembers how his faith was challenged during a race in 2008.

Childhood Michael Jordan Fan Now Coaching MJ’s Team

James Borrego is breaking boundaries as the first Latino head coach in NBA history for the Charlotte Hornets. Hear how resiliency and Christian character paved the way for his journey to the upper echelon of basketball coaching.

All Football Helmets Are Not Created Equal: What the NFL Is Doing to Make the Game Safer for Players

With all of the changes the NFL is making to make the game safer, some say the game is becoming soft. But is it? Or is it that the league is making strides to ensure the longevity of America’s game?” 

CBN Sports Reporter Shawn Brown on What the NFL is Doing to Protect Players

CBN Sports Reporter Shawn Brown appears on CBN's Newswatch program to talk about his experience reporting on the health and safety of NFL players. 

One thing that is not commonly known by fans, all players do not wear the same helmet. The players get to choose their own helmet. 

Running Away from a Devastating Family Secret

Frances focused on sports, family, and her faith until a family secret drove her away from God and into a lesbian lifestyle.

'I Think About Jesus Christ': These 4 NFL Players Are Keeping Faith at the Forefront of This Super Bowl

In 2002, the up-and-coming New England Patriots stunned the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl. That win marked the beginning of the New England dynasty. Seventeen years later, the storylines are reversed. 


Jerusalem Dateline: 5/24/19 Arsonist Destroys Daystar’s Jerusalem Studio

Iran, US keep up war of words but how strong is Iran's military? Plus an arsonist destroys a major Christian ministry's Jerusalem television studio but Daystar promises to rebuild; and a team of Israelis brew beer from yeast thousands of years old.

Israel to Host Iconic 'Eurovision' Competition - What it is and Why It's Significant

The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest  – the longest running international television contest – will take place this year in Tel Aviv from May 14, with the final competition on May 18.  Many Israelis are excited about it.

700 Club Interactive - April 24, 2019

Television personality and talk show host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck shares insights from motherhood to faith to her time on The View.

From 'Car Crazy' to Christ-focused: The New TV Show that Aims to Spark Revival in America

Barry Meguiar is no stranger to TV. As host of 'Car Crazy' he introduced viewers to the latest hot rods and the industry's biggest fans. With his brand-new show, he hopes to ignite the next American Great Awakening.