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“Microadventure Family” Goes from Million Dollar Debt to Minimalism

After recovering from a business disaster costing them a million dollars, the Stifters felt God leading them to live minimally and travel. Now they have no debt, travel the US, and give the money they make from their social media to people in need.

New York Times Columnist David Brooks To CBN News: Donald Trump is 'Good for Business'

In a one-on-one interview with CBN's Chief Political Analyst David Brody, New York Times Columnist David Brooks admits that when it comes to the media industry, President Trump has been, "good for business."

Ignite Your Life - The Millennial and the Boomer

Most faith sharers have ‘ignition’ stories of when they were launched into faith sharing. For Jordan Verner, it was discovering his view of ministry inside the Church wasn’t working. For Steve Aust, it was in losing a major business deal.

The Business of Your Church

You probably don’t think of the church you attend as a business and chances are your pastor doesn’t either, but that could lead to big problems.

Why Churches Fail: Stephen Lentz Explains Why Pastors Are Often Ill-Equipped to Handle the 'Business' of Church

Author, pastor, and lawyer Stephen Lentz explains why many churches fail. He says it's because most pastors are ill-equipped to handle the "business" of running a church. Lentz tells them how to turn things around in a new book, The Business of Church.

TPi - Bounce Back

Christian Hip-Hop Artist, Tedashii, joins Muyiwa on the TPi stage. An up and coming media mogul in Botswana shares how he is succeeding in a hostile business environment.

Warning: Christians Will Be 'Forced to Violate Their Beliefs' if Equality Act Passes

A controversial bill called The Equality Act is making its way through Congress, and critics warn that if passed into law, the Equality Act will have a devastating effect on the religious liberty of all Americans.

The 700 Club - May 9, 2019

Dino and Jennifer own their own party business. They’ve had consistent growth and great success with an unbeatable strategy they couldn’t afford not to follow. See what it is and how it can help you too.

Grandma’s Burden

Alex is 9 and he lives with his grandma Rufina and helps her with her small business that makes only $3 a day. Sometimes they don’t have enough to eat. To add to their struggle, Alex was failing in school. What can his grandma do? See how CBN’s Orphan’s Promise eases the burden of families throughout the world!

Imagine No Longer Worrying About Money

John and Cyndia lost about $125,000 in a bad business deal. Struggling to survive, what they learned to do early on helped them recover and anticipate a bright future together.

Bought Their First Home in CASH

Dino and Jennifer own their own party business. They’ve had consistent growth and great success with an unbeatable strategy they couldn’t afford not to follow. See what it is and how it can help you too.

How Will I Feed My Child?

Tina loves children. She ran an in-home daycare for 28 years. After she became a permanent caregiver for baby Josiah, Tina got sick and needed multiple surgeries. She had to close her business for over a year, leaving her without funds for food and necessities. But you were there for Tina and Josiah. See how CBN partners are loving their neighbors!

Unappetizing Food Cart

Grandma Wanna cares for her 4-year-old granddaughter in the Thailand, but her food business was declining because she served from an ugly cart and old pots. Soon, she couldn’t afford to provide the child with basic necessities. How could she get out of this dilemma? See how CBN partners transformed her life!

Jerusalem Dateline: 4/26/19 US Peace Plan about Business, Core Issues

What will the long-awaited US peace plan look like? Kushner says, business and core issues; plus could relations with one of Israel's best Muslim allies be a model for co-existence? And Ezekiel's Valley of Dry Bones comes to life in new musical work.

Supreme Court to Decide Definition of 'Sex' After Unelected Officials Change Gender Identity Rules for Businesses

The US Supreme Court decided Monday that it will wade into the thorny issue of discrimination in the workplace.  

The 700 Club - April 8, 2019

CBN Sports is in Minneapolis to talk faith with players and coaches at the NCAA Final Four. Plus, See how one government policy is crippling our small businesses.


Run the Mile You’re In

Ryan Hall is the fastest distance runner in America and through the highs and lows of his career, he has discovered the power of living others around him.

Going the Distance - Episode 09

Shawn talks with Houston Astros Reliever Will Harris about juggling family and career; Shawn also talk with Two-time Olympian Jamie Nieto about his journey to walking his wife down the aisle after he was paralyzed from the neck down.

Vikings Quarterback Kirk Cousins Champions the Impact of Fathering

Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Kirk Cousins addresses his role as a father, the treasured instruction he received from his dad and how a Heavenly Father brings foundation, fullness and perspective to his life and career.

Studio 5: Showers of Blessings - June 5, 2019

We sit down with recording artist Titus Showers, as he embarks on a solo career. Titus also performs his hit recording, "In His Name." Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish and Harrison Ford take us inside The Secret Life of Pets 2.

The 700 Club - June 5, 2019

He’s the newest inductee into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Don Moen looks back at his legendary career. Plus, a diver squares off against a hungry shark and lives to tell the tale.

Don Moen Talks Honor, Faith, and Celebrated Career

Don Moen is a pioneer of the modern praise and worship movement and was recently inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

The 700 Club - May 16, 2019

The missionary mom of a Heisman Trophy winner, Pam Tebow challenges us to embrace God’s opportunities. Plus, Shannon Bream from Fox News opens up about her career in TV news and how she confronts her toughest battles.

Fox News Anchor Opens Up About Life, Faith: 'I Just Try to be Open to What the Lord May Have' 

Fox News reporter and host, Shannon Bream, talks with CBN News about her career, her faith, and her new book, Finding the Bright Side.

Virginia's Political Scandals Return to Spotlight - Will Northam and Fairfax Get 'Vetoed'?

The political scandals that rocked Virginia politics are back in the spotlight. The commonwealth's top two elected officials are dealing with more attention from potentially career-ending bombshells.

'Music Became My Voice': Sandy Patti's New Book Details Career and Path Back From Sexual Abuse

Sandi Patti is one of the most famous Gospel singers in America.

In this interview, she talks about her career and her new book The Voice as well as her sexual abuse and how she used the church to overcome it. 

Triple Crown Jockey Rides in Tandem with Horse and Savior!

With over 5,400 career wins, Mike Smith is the oldest jockey to win the Triple Crown, but he’s quick to credit his relationship with Jesus as the source of his success.

Israel Braces for Decision on Netanyahu Corruption Indictment

 Israel's attorney general Avichai Mandleblit is expected to announce Thursday that he will indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of bribery and breach of trust in three ongoing investigations.  

Get Help Opening the Door to Success

James is young, ambitious, and ready for a successful career. His work has been greatly rewarded already and he says there’s one main key that’s made it possible. Find out what it is.

The 700 Club - January 14, 2019

Chantel is a successful real estate agent, but it wasn’t always that way. Success for her used to be having food to eat and a roof over her head. See how she went from just getting by to having a thriving career.

From $9 an Hour to Multimillionaire

Chantel is a successful real estate agent, but it wasn’t always that way. Success for her used to be having food to eat and a roof over her head. See how she went from just getting by to having a thriving career.

Not College Bound? Why a Skilled Trade or Apprenticeship Could be the Perfect Fit

A college degree is not for everyone. There are alternative career paths that might be a great fit and help the US economy at the same time by closing a national skilled trades gap.

Christian Leadership

Searching for Connection in All the Wrong Places: Millennials Battle High Levels of Anxiety and Depression

Millennials in Massachusetts have the highest rate of depression in the entire US, specifically Millennial women. But why?  Some experts believe it's linked to how his state has dealt with religion and the family.

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 19, 2019

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 19, 2019

Remembering Ben Kinchlow

Longtime 700 Club co-host Ben Kinchlow passed away on July 18, 2019. Take a look back at the legacy Ben leaves from his decades of service at the Christian Broadcasting Network.

CBN NewsWatch PM: July 18, 2019

CBN NewsWatch PM: July 18, 2019

Finding God in the Moment

Olympic marathoner Ryan Hall talks about following God’s lead and “running the mile you’re in”.

Norwegian Nightmare: 'Barnevernet' Preys On Children and Parents 

Barnevernet means "child welfare." It's Norway's network of local child protection service offices. But to its victims, Barnevernet means anything but protecting children. 

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 18, 2019

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 18, 2019

CBN NewsWatch PM: July 17, 2019

CBN NewsWatch PM: July 17, 2019

Praying For Your Needs: July 17, 2019

Gordon and Wendy pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's Mission: Share America's 'First Freedom' with the Rest of the World

In an exclusive interview with CBN News correspondent David Brody, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talks about his mission to spread America's "first freedom" -- freedom of religion -- around the globe.

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 17, 2019

CBN NewsWatch AM: July 17, 2019

Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom Hears Tearful Testimonies 

Day one of the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom conference saw many emotional moments as victims of religious persecution shared their testimonies.  

CBN NewsWatch PM: July 16, 2019

CBN NewsWatch PM: July 16, 2019

InterVarsity Takes Wayne State University to Court for Right to Follow Christian Beliefs

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is asking a federal court to decide whether state universities must give religious student groups the same rights as other student organizations. It's a case that could ultimately reach the Supreme Court.

Personal Finance

Myths and Risks with FaceApp that Gives You Peek into Older Self

People raised fears on Twitter and other social media sites that on iPhones, FaceApp would be able to see and upload all your photos, including screenshots with sensitive financial or health information or photos of kids with the names of their schools in the background.

Life in Monastery Paves Way to Financial Peace

Doug Lynam shares how becoming a monk led him into financial planning and helping people find financial peace.

'It's Not Just Some Seedy Person in the Underworld:' Epstein Case Highlights Huge US Sex Trafficking Problem

Fallout from the shocking sex-trafficking case against billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is reaching into the Trump administration.  A 2007 plea deal that allowed Epstein to walk free after 13 months in jail is coming under scrutiny, spotlighting US Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta who was the US attorney for Florida at the time.

'We're Not Allowed to Have Bible Study': Elderly Couple Heads to Court Over Eviction Threat

An elderly Christian couple could be evicted from their Virginia senior living community if they hold a Bible study. But the two are fighting back. They've now filed a federal lawsuit, alleging religious discrimination.

'We're Leaving Ourselves Vulnerable': Hackers Can Get Your Personal Info, Thanks to These Gov't Failures

Tens of millions of Americans are at the mercy of cyber-attacks because government agencies are failing to protect their information online.

“Microadventure Family” Goes from Million Dollar Debt to Minimalism

After recovering from a business disaster costing them a million dollars, the Stifters felt God leading them to live minimally and travel. Now they have no debt, travel the US, and give the money they make from their social media to people in need.

Single Dad to Divorced Parents: 'Get Over Yourself,' and Co-Parent for the Sake of the Kids

A single dad who gave up a career in Hollywood to care for his kids now has the goal of getting divorced couples to co-parent: to work together instead of against each other to protect the long-term health of their children. 

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - June 19, 2019


'I Perform For One Person -- God': Last Man Standing's Jonathan Adams Talks About His Faith

He's known as Chuck Larabee on the incredibly popular sitcom Last Man Standing.

He recently visited The 700 Club and CBN News also had a chance to chat with Jonathan Adams about his role on the sitcom, his family and his faith.

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - May 20, 2019

John-I am saved but have fallen away-How do I get back? Sherry-Is it okay to have a personal prophet? Justin- Should I tithe on the sale of a landed property? Erin-What became of Mary's husband, Joseph? JR-Is it OK to ask God to take me to end my suffering?

700 Club Interactive - May 16, 2019

Nathan was abandoned by his parents and rebelled as a teen until he saw a play about heaven and hell and accepted Christ as his personal Savior.

'The Baby in the Womb Is a Person': Alabama Aims Straight at Roe, Outlaws Nearly All Abortions

Alabama's Senate voted 25-6 to outlaw virtually all abortions in the state Tuesday. If signed into law, the measure would make Alabama one of the most pro-life states in the country. 

At Last—Personal and Financial Peace!

After nine years in an abusive marriage, Matika left with her three kids and got a divorce. Facing cancer and mounting debt, life was very difficult. In the face of challenges, amazing things happened that changed everything. Watch her story.

Answered Prayer for Improved Finances

Jacqueline and Daniel say that God overwhelms them with His blessings. They made a decision early on for their money that they credit for changing everything. Listen to their story that can help you too.

TPi - A Life Well Lived

700 Club co-host, Terry Meeuswen, shares personal stories from her past that helped shape her into the woman she has become. Acclaimed Ghanaian worship leader Joe Mettle joins Muyiwa in the studio.

700 Club Interactive - April 24, 2019

Television personality and talk show host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck shares insights from motherhood to faith to her time on The View.