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Warning: Christians Will Be 'Forced to Violate Their Beliefs' if Equality Act Passes

A controversial bill called The Equality Act is making its way through Congress, and critics warn that if passed into law, the Equality Act will have a devastating effect on the religious liberty of all Americans.

The 700 Club - May 9, 2019

Dino and Jennifer own their own party business. They’ve had consistent growth and great success with an unbeatable strategy they couldn’t afford not to follow. See what it is and how it can help you too.

Grandma’s Burden

Alex is 9 and he lives with his grandma Rufina and helps her with her small business that makes only $3 a day. Sometimes they don’t have enough to eat. To add to their struggle, Alex was failing in school. What can his grandma do? See how CBN’s Orphan’s Promise eases the burden of families throughout the world!

Imagine No Longer Worrying About Money

John and Cyndia lost about $125,000 in a bad business deal. Struggling to survive, what they learned to do early on helped them recover and anticipate a bright future together.

Bought Their First Home in CASH

Dino and Jennifer own their own party business. They’ve had consistent growth and great success with an unbeatable strategy they couldn’t afford not to follow. See what it is and how it can help you too.

How Will I Feed My Child?

Tina loves children. She ran an in-home daycare for 28 years. After she became a permanent caregiver for baby Josiah, Tina got sick and needed multiple surgeries. She had to close her business for over a year, leaving her without funds for food and necessities. But you were there for Tina and Josiah. See how CBN partners are loving their neighbors!

Unappetizing Food Cart

Grandma Wanna cares for her 4-year-old granddaughter in the Thailand, but her food business was declining because she served from an ugly cart and old pots. Soon, she couldn’t afford to provide the child with basic necessities. How could she get out of this dilemma? See how CBN partners transformed her life!

Jerusalem Dateline: 4/26/19 US Peace Plan about Business, Core Issues

What will the long-awaited US peace plan look like? Kushner says, business and core issues; plus could relations with one of Israel's best Muslim allies be a model for co-existence? And Ezekiel's Valley of Dry Bones comes to life in new musical work.

Supreme Court to Decide Definition of 'Sex' After Unelected Officials Change Gender Identity Rules for Businesses

The US Supreme Court decided Monday that it will wade into the thorny issue of discrimination in the workplace.  

The 700 Club - April 8, 2019

CBN Sports is in Minneapolis to talk faith with players and coaches at the NCAA Final Four. Plus, See how one government policy is crippling our small businesses.

Congressional Action Needed: Shortage of Temporary Worker Visas Squeezes Small Businesses

A shortage of temporary foreign worker visas is making it almost impossible for landscapers and other non-agricultural businesses across the country to find enough employees. 

The Double-Edged Sword of Minimum Wage Hikes: Small Businesses Suffer

Democrats in Congress want a national minimum wage hike to $15 an hour. But states and localities that have boosted the minimum wage have seen unintended consequences: fewer companies are able to hire new employees, and some small businesses have been forced to close.

'We View Manure as an Opportunity': Companies Partner to Turn Hog Waste into Energy

Two leading companies believe manure is much more than fertilizer. Smithfield Foods and Dominion Energy have teamed up to prove that – through a "manure to energy" project to power homes and businesses.

Forum Helps Israelis, Palestinians Get Down to Business of Peace

President Trump has yet to unveil his peace plan but after 25 years of the failed peace process. Israelis and Palestinians are trying a different approach:  grassroots business ties that are building the economy and good relationships. 


Jerusalem Dateline: 2/22/19 Israeli Spacecraft Takes Off for the Moon!

Israel on its way to the moon, set to become the fourth country to soft land there; plus a historic economic forum brings Israeli & Palestinian business people together; and could this new government in NE Syria be what the prophet Isaiah foretold?

Vatican Sex Abuse Summit: Pope Says He Means Business, but Victim Says 'This Is Ridiculous'

Pope Francis has ordered Catholic leaders to Rome to address the global epidemic of sex abuse in the church.The pope says it's time to end the culture of silence and expose the sins of the guilty. That's why victims are also at the summit, telling their stories of abuse suffered at the hands of priests.


The 700 Club - May 16, 2019

The missionary mom of a Heisman Trophy winner, Pam Tebow challenges us to embrace God’s opportunities. Plus, Shannon Bream from Fox News opens up about her career in TV news and how she confronts her toughest battles.

Fox News Anchor Opens Up About Life, Faith: 'I Just Try to be Open to What the Lord May Have' 

Fox News reporter and host, Shannon Bream, talks with CBN News about her career, her faith, and her new book, Finding the Bright Side.

Virginia's Political Scandals Return to Spotlight - Will Northam and Fairfax Get 'Vetoed'?

The political scandals that rocked Virginia politics are back in the spotlight. The commonwealth's top two elected officials are dealing with more attention from potentially career-ending bombshells.

'Music Became My Voice': Sandy Patti's New Book Details Career and Path Back From Sexual Abuse

Sandi Patti is one of the most famous Gospel singers in America.

In this interview, she talks about her career and her new book The Voice as well as her sexual abuse and how she used the church to overcome it. 

Triple Crown Jockey Rides in Tandem with Horse and Savior!

With over 5,400 career wins, Mike Smith is the oldest jockey to win the Triple Crown, but he’s quick to credit his relationship with Jesus as the source of his success.

Israel Braces for Decision on Netanyahu Corruption Indictment

 Israel's attorney general Avichai Mandleblit is expected to announce Thursday that he will indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of bribery and breach of trust in three ongoing investigations.  

Get Help Opening the Door to Success

James is young, ambitious, and ready for a successful career. His work has been greatly rewarded already and he says there’s one main key that’s made it possible. Find out what it is.

The 700 Club - January 14, 2019

Chantel is a successful real estate agent, but it wasn’t always that way. Success for her used to be having food to eat and a roof over her head. See how she went from just getting by to having a thriving career.

From $9 an Hour to Multimillionaire

Chantel is a successful real estate agent, but it wasn’t always that way. Success for her used to be having food to eat and a roof over her head. See how she went from just getting by to having a thriving career.

Not College Bound? Why a Skilled Trade or Apprenticeship Could be the Perfect Fit

A college degree is not for everyone. There are alternative career paths that might be a great fit and help the US economy at the same time by closing a national skilled trades gap.

The 700 Club - December 12, 2018

Los Angeles Chargers QB Philip Rivers focuses on finishing a 15-year career strong…and then starting again. Plus, the man who beats cancer even after refusing chemotherapy.

Veteran NFL Quarterback Retains Passion for the Game

Philip Rivers’ career has been long and decorated, ranking statistically among the NFL’s all-time top-10 quarterbacks. Discover what fuels his fire to stay unwaveringly committed.

700 Club Interactive - December 4, 2018

A career criminal faces eighty years in prison with the possibility of parole. In prison he gives his life to Jesus and begins experiencing miracles.

700 Club Interactive - November 9, 2018

Sandi Patty, the most awarded Christian female singer, reveals being sexually abused by a babysitter and the quiet brokenness that impacted her career and relationships.

Sandi Patty’s Quiet Brokenness

The legendary Christian vocalist reveals how sexual abuse by a babysitter impacted her career and relationships.

For KING & COUNTRY: Burn the Ships

For KING & COUNTRY shares about their faith and career.

Christian Leadership

Next Gen Voices: Pastor Travis Jones “The Grace Chase”

Grace is always chasing you down! Pastor Travis Jones of Motivation Church in Richmond, Virginia warns us not to miss out on the grace of God lest we become toxic.

America's 'Explicit Covenant with God': How a Nation Pledged to God Can Save a World…or Lose It

Covenants are viewed as the most sacred and binding of deals – an oath that's never to be broken. America's earliest settlers made a covenant with God to serve and proclaim Him throughout the earth.  These days, however, Americans appear to have forgotten this covenant and that can have dire consequences.

Christian World News - May 24, 2019

Christian World News - May 24, 2019

Jerusalem Dateline: 5/24/19 Arsonist Destroys Daystar’s Jerusalem Studio

Iran, US keep up war of words but how strong is Iran's military? Plus an arsonist destroys a major Christian ministry's Jerusalem television studio but Daystar promises to rebuild; and a team of Israelis brew beer from yeast thousands of years old.

CBN NewsWatch PM: May 24, 2019

CBN NewsWatch PM: May 24, 2019

India's Christians See Danger in BJP Party's Victory

Christians have suffered intense levels of persecution under Modi's first five years in office and they fear the next five years could bring even more hardships.

Iran's Escalating War Against Non-Muslims, 'Extreme Persecution' of Christians

Tensions are growing between the US and Iran in the Middle East at the same time as a spotlight is being shined the Iranian regime's abuses of human rights, particularly the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities.

CBN NewsWatch AM: May 24, 2019

CBN NewsWatch AM: May 24, 2019

Cincinnati Reds’ Michael Lorenzen is Baseball’s Swiss-Army Knife

It’s uncommon for a major league pitcher to moonlight as a centerfielder, but ‘common’ doesn’t apply to Michael Lorenzen the player or the man.

CBN NewsWatch PM: May 23, 2019

CBN NewsWatch PM: May 23, 2019

'What was Meant for Evil…God Used for Good': Rape Survivor Helps Other Victims Find Freedom

Former television personality Rosemary Trible tells how she turned the aftermath of a horrific sexual assault into an opportunity to help other rape victims find freedom.

CBN NewsWatch AM: May 23, 2019

CBN NewsWatch AM: May 23, 2019

700 Club Interactive - May 23, 2019

Christian recording artist Josh Wilson discusses dealing with anxiety by trusting in Jesus.

Evangelical Pastor and 16 Others Kidnapped from Church by 20+ Islamic Gunmen in Nigeria

Gunmen in Nigeria reportedly kidnapped an evangelical pastor and 16 other Christians this week in an attack that also killed one person. 

CBN NewsWatch PM: May 22, 2019

CBN NewsWatch PM: May 22, 2019

Put Anxiety in the Past

Singer/song-writer Josh Wilson discusses dealing with anxiety and how putting his trust in Jesus changed his life.

Personal Finance

'I Perform For One Person -- God': Last Man Standing's Jonathan Adams Talks About His Faith

He's known as Chuck Larabee on the incredibly popular sitcom Last Man Standing.

He recently visited The 700 Club and CBN News also had a chance to chat with Jonathan Adams about his role on the sitcom, his family and his faith.

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - May 20, 2019

John-I am saved but have fallen away-How do I get back? Sherry-Is it okay to have a personal prophet? Justin- Should I tithe on the sale of a landed property? Erin-What became of Mary's husband, Joseph? JR-Is it OK to ask God to take me to end my suffering?

700 Club Interactive - May 16, 2019

Nathan was abandoned by his parents and rebelled as a teen until he saw a play about heaven and hell and accepted Christ as his personal Savior.

'The Baby in the Womb Is a Person': Alabama Aims Straight at Roe, Outlaws Nearly All Abortions

Alabama's Senate voted 25-6 to outlaw virtually all abortions in the state Tuesday. If signed into law, the measure would make Alabama one of the most pro-life states in the country. 

At Last—Personal and Financial Peace!

After nine years in an abusive marriage, Matika left with her three kids and got a divorce. Facing cancer and mounting debt, life was very difficult. In the face of challenges, amazing things happened that changed everything. Watch her story.

Answered Prayer for Improved Finances

Jacqueline and Daniel say that God overwhelms them with His blessings. They made a decision early on for their money that they credit for changing everything. Listen to their story that can help you too.

TPi - A Life Well Lived

700 Club co-host, Terry Meeuswen, shares personal stories from her past that helped shape her into the woman she has become. Acclaimed Ghanaian worship leader Joe Mettle joins Muyiwa in the studio.

700 Club Interactive - April 24, 2019

Television personality and talk show host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck shares insights from motherhood to faith to her time on The View.

Giving Is a Blessing for This Father and Daughter

A father and daughter work as partners at a financial planning firm, and both have a heart for giving.

Feared Gang Member Leads 200 to Christ

By the age of 16, Casey was feared in the gang world and sentenced for murder and robbery. In prison, he wasn’t interested in religion until Jesus spoke to him personally.

700 Club Interactive - April 17, 2019

Former NFL Running Back D.J. Dozier discusses how to succeed in sports, life, professionally, and personally.

Retired Athlete Prepares You to Dominate Your Life

Former NFL Running Back D.J. Dozier discusses how to succeed in sports, life, professionally, and personally.

Decide to Dominate Your Life

Author and entrepreneur D.J. Dozier how, through faith, you can find your best in your personal and professional life.

How Faith Affected Former "The View" Cohost's Time on the Show

Elisabeth Hasselbeck shares insights from her book Point of View on topics ranging from motherhood to faith and her time on The View.

Ignite Your Life - Polar Opposite Faith Sharers

Steve Wilburn’s forwardness contrasted with Walt Kallestad’s meekness proves that the best faith sharing tactic is staying within your own comfort zone and personality. There is no “one style fits all” formula for loving people into Heaven!

If Embryos are Ruled to be 'Persons,' How Might That Affect Legal Abortion?

Are fertilized embryos people or property?  A decision could either lead to a change in the state of legalized abortion or further decay Americans' right to life.