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The Global Lane - EP329 - January 23, 2020

Parents of Assyrian priest kidnapped & Christians arrested in Turkey: Iran protests & Christianity growing; Homelessness at highest levels since Great Depression; Surviving battlefield & Homefront; Amazon palm purchasing. Mark of Beast?

The Global Lane - EP328 - January 16, 2020

Christian persecution rising. China uses high tech software to destroy church; Are Christians to blame for American cultural decline? Australian brush fires. Climate change, or Deja vu? Transsexuals in sports. Feelings, fairness, physiology & DNA,

The Global Lane - EP327 - January 9, 2020

Could Iranian terrorists cross Mexican border to make good on threats to strike America? Anti-Semitism rising--what hate looks like; Robust 2019 Trump economy. More prosperity ahead? How one popular actress chose Golden Globe over her unborn child.

The Global Lane - January 2, 2020

The Global Lane - January 2, 2020

The Global Lane - December 26, 2019

The Global Lane - December 26, 2019

The Global Lane - December 19, 2019

Criminal deeds of the Deep State; North Korea’s Kim Jong Un threatens delivery of an unwelcomed Christmas gift; Best Christmas economy in 16-years, what to expect in 2020; Changing lyrics of Christmas carol & Hallmark airs lesbian kissing ad.

The Global Lane - EP323 - December 12, 2019

Former wife of ISIS fighter reveals how to prevent terror on the Homefront... Afghanistan papers. Did American officials lie about battlefield successes? American pastors urge people to pray as never before... Tribute to the "Billy Graham of Africa.

The Global Lane - December 5, 2019

Was Jesus a Palestinian? Fact, or Palestinian delusion? Cease fire or Turkish slaughter? The truth about northern Syria; Andrew Cuomo restricts religious freedom rights in New York; Courageous Yazidi woman confronts her ISIS rapist on television.

The Global Lane - November 28, 2019

God's hand on America. How divine intervention has spared the U.S. from potential disaster; How to put Christ & thankfulness first this holiday season; Why & how to pray for President Trump; Thanksgiving 2019. Whatever happened to thanking God?

The Global Lane - EP320 - November 21, 2019

This Week: American Deep State fantasy or reality? What you need to know impeachment & investigating the investigators; Hong Kong erupts in more violence; American recession fears warranted as Christmas approaches? Coca Cola's transgender advocacy.

The Global Lane - EP319 - November 14, 2019

Hopes dashed 30-years after fall of Berlin wall. Germans flee migrant wave for Hungary; Blacks & impeachment. Trump's secret supporters? American millennials may vote socialist. Some hard lessons from Venezuela; EU's hypocritical Israel action.

The Global Lane - November 7, 2019

Blue wave or blue media hype? Democrats on a roll. FISA report & Trump impeachment Christmas present? Good & bad news. New records set for U.S. economy; Witches cast spells against Trump. Jezebel spirit harming America; Drag queen depravity in NYC.

The Global Lane - October 31, 2019

Chinese pastor leads at least 1,000 North Koreans to Christ before he's assassinated; Free speech silenced. Dennis Prager explains why; Why fewer than half of millennials identify as Christian; And IDOP Sunday. How to pray for the persecuted church.

The Global Lane - EP316 - October 24, 2019

Accused of being a CIA spy & terrorist. Pastor Andrew Brunson tells of his darkest moments in Turkish prisons; China trade war & Trump effect. Signed deal by Christmas? Alarming trends & truth about teen suicide. What parents can do to prevent it.

The Global Lane - October 17, 2019

Can America trust the Syrian Kurds? What you may not know about them. Democrats hold their biggest debate ever. What they're proposing to win over black voters; How you can bless your pastor; 'Drag Queen Story Hour" becomes a drag queen strip show.

The Global Lane - EP314 - October 10, 2019

Turkey moves in as U.S. pulls troops out of Syria. What it means for Syria's Christians & Kurds; Suicide USA increasing for boys and white middle-aged males; UK doctor fired because he wouldn't call bearded man madam. & steps to protect Syrian Kurds