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Jerusalem Dateline:05/18/18 Prophecy Unfolds As US, Guatemala Move to Jerusalem

US embassy moves to Jerusalem, joined by Guatemala two days later in Israel’s capital; and Palestinian violence breaks out on Gaza border supposedly in reaction to embassy move, Turkey expels Israeli ambassador -- but who's really behind the riots?

Jerusalem Dateline:05/11/18 US ‘Aligns with Bible’ As Embassy Moves to Jerusalem

Embassy move to Jerusalem ‘aligns’ US with Bible; Trump to be remembered for generations; plus Israel hits back at Iran's military buildup in Syria. Is it a prelude to a wider Mideast war? And Scott Ross asks Israelis about the US Embassy move.

Jerusalem Dateline:05/04/18 Bibi: ‘Iran Lied Big Time’ - How Will World Respond?

Israeli PM says Iran lied about its nuclear program; how will it impact Iranian nuclear deal? Plus "To Life" CBN's new documentary looks at Israeli doctors saving children's hearts around the world; and VP Pence says pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Dateline:04/27/18 How Millennial Immigrants Learn to Live in Israel

A hard look at the growing danger of anti-Semitism in Europe; plus Scott Ross finds out why Jewish Millennials from around the world come to Israel; and CBN’s new documentary "To Life" showing how Israeli innovation is transforming lives in Africa.

Jerusalem Dateline:04/20/18 Israel at 70: Miracle Rebirth to Fulfilling Prophecy

Israel celebrates 70 years as the modern Jewish state. We take a look at the Declaration of Independence, talk to a ‘handmaiden of history’ who was there and see how it’s fulfilled prophecy; plus conditions worsen for American pastor jailed in Turkey

Jerusalem Dateline:04/13/18 Mideast Awaits US Reaction to Syrian Chemical Attack

Mideast braces for possible war as President Trump threatens to strike Syria for chemical attack; plus ‘Israel Rising,’ a new book that shows prophecy in action through before and after photos; and a preview of CBN’s new documentary ‘To Life.’

Jerusalem Dateline: 04/06/18 Who's Behind the Palestinian ‘March of Return?'

Who's behind the Palestinian ‘March of Return?’; plus CBN’s Scott Ross gets a rare look at the heart wrenching last letters of the Holocaust; and why some compare Trump to King Cyrus in the Bible; and how Christians are helping Holocaust survivors.

Jerusalem Dateline: 03/30/18 Passover to Resurrection to Persecuted for Christ

Turkey charges US pastor with spying, his friends plead for prayer; plus as Christians celebrate Easter cold case turns hot investigating the Resurrection; and Jews worldwide celebrate Passover: see the 3,500-year-old data drive that tells the story.

Jerusalem Dateline: 03/23/18 Christians Flee Afrin after Turkey Conquest

Israel's UN Ambassador tells Gordon Robertson how UN ambassadors privately admire, publicly condemn Israel; plus Turkey's conquest in Afrin sends Syrian Christians fleeing for their lives; and ‘Faithkeepers’ -- a Jewish plea for persecuted Christians

Jerusalem Dateline: Syrian Christians Plead for Help - Who Will Pray? 3/16/18

Syrian Christians plead for help - who will pray?; and the plight of one Iranian Christian facing deportation from Sweden back to Iran; plus the secret story of an ex-CIA agent who fought terrorists after 9-11; and Israel – the global bird crossing.

Jerusalem Dateline: 3/9/18 Netanyahu, Trump Talk Iran and Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister, President Trump talk Iran and Jerusalem in Washington; plus ‘Rise and Kill First’ a new book about targeted killings in Israel’s Mossad; and Jerusalem hosts first marathon since Trump recognizes the city as Israel’s capital.

Jerusalem Dateline: 3/2/18 Israeli Jews Helping Christians Help Syrian Muslims

A special look at one of the most amazing Middle East stories today -- Christian medical personnel risking their lives to share God's love, working with the Israeli army as it’s being a good neighbor to its enemy in the most dangerous place on earth.

Jerusalem Dateline: 2/23/18 P.A. Tortured Palestinians for Preventing Terror

Congress prepares to slash funds to P.A. unless it stops pay-to-slay; and Palestinians brutally tortured by Palestinians for saving Israeli lives; plus Israel, Iran face off in Munich; and the Knesset starts unique Bible study for Jews and Christians.

Jerusalem Dateline: Netanyahu Under Fire, Will He Be Forced to Quit? 2/16/18

Police recommend indicting Netanyahu -- will he be forced to quit? Plus Israel downs Iranian drone, then Syria shoots down an Israeli F-16 is Israel-Iran, Syria war in the making? And a look at the story behind the new film '15:17 to Paris'.

Jerusalem Dateline: 2/9/2018 2nd Rabbi Murdered in a Month in Biblical Heartland

Terror claims 2nd rabbi in Israel's biblical heartland in a month; and Netanyahu says Israel wants peace but is ready for war; plus, hear the cry of northern Syrian Christians; and CBN Founder Pat Robertson suffers a stroke, experiences a miracle.

Jerusalem Dateline:02/02/2018 Israel Warns Lebanon It’s Sitting on a Powder Keg

Netanyahu meets Russia’s Putin, lays down red lines on Iran; plus Israeli military warns Lebanon it’s sitting on a powder keg; and OurCrowd – investing in the Start-Up Nation; and a Jewish artist shares how she survived the horrors of the Holocaust.