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Iranian Protesters Shout Death to Supreme Leader Khameni 11/29/19

After indictment, Netanyahu faces new political threats. Can he survive? Plus, Iranian protesters call for regime overthrow; and why Israelis live on the Golan Heights when Iranian threat is so nearby; and world's fastest growing church is in Iran.

Political Earthquake as Netanyahu Indicted, Still No New Government 11/22/19

Political earthquake as Netanyahu indicted on fraud, bribery charges; will he be overthrown or can he hold onto power? Plus uproar as US says Israeli settlements not illegal; and CBN CEO Gordon Robertson on why Christians stand with Israel.

Millions of Israelis Take Cover as Terrorists Fire Hundreds of Rockets 11/15/19

Millions of Israelis take cover as Islamic Jihad fires hundreds of rockets; will a shaky cease fire hold? Plus Turkey's President Erdogan meets President Trump, who says NE Syria ceasefire is holding. But those on the ground tell a different story.

Turkish-Backed Jihadist Forces Assaulting ‘Zone of Death’ in NE Syria 11/8/19

Turkish-backed Jihadist army keeps up assault on 'zone of death' in NE Syria -- who will help? And could Turkish invasion be just first step in Erdogan's dream of a Greater Turkey? Plus a stunning tribute to a Free Burma Ranger who died saving lives.

‘Soft’ Ethnic Cleansing as Jihadists Steal Christian Lands in NE Syria 11/01/19

Christians, Kurds caught in crossfire as fighting continues in NE Syria; plus ‘soft’ ethnic cleansing as Jihadists steal Christian lands; and South Africans premiere biblical musical of Daniel in Jerusalem to bless the Jewish State.

Major Powers Vie for Control in NE Syria, Christians Warn of Genocide 10/25/19

Major powers vie for control in NE Syria as Trump suggests Kurds flee to oil rich areas, Christians warn Turkey might commit genocide; and will Netanyahu's opponent form gov’t where he failed?; plus Love in the Face of ISIS - praying for the MidEast.

US, Turkey Agree on Ceasefire in NE Syria, Will It Hold? 10/18/19

US, Turkey agree on ceasefire in NE Syria but SDF, Assad & Russians aren’t part; plus CBN's Chuck Holton & George Thomas report from front lines on human cost, humanitarian efforts; and thousands of Christians celebrate biblical Sukkot in Jerusalem.

NE Syria under Turkish Assault: Who Will Help Kurds, Christians? 10/11/19

Thousands flee as Turkey assaults NE Syria after US troops withdraw: who will help Kurds, Christians? And anti-Semitism flares with attempted Yom Kippur synagogue attack in Germany; plus tens of millions of Christians pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Exclusive: CBN News Visits Saudi Arabia as Desert Kingdom Opens to World 10/4/19

Exclusive CBN News report from Saudi Arabia; US Evangelical leaders sit down with Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman; and the Desert Kingdom opens up to the world with a new vision; plus young Saudis describe the changes going on inside their country.

Ahead of Jewish Holy Days, Netanyahu Asked to Form Israel’s Next Gov’t 9/27/19

Israel, Iran face off at UN while the US boosts its military presence in the Gulf; plus Israeli PM Netanyahu asked to form government, will he succeed? And the shofar sounds as an ‘alarm clock for the soul’ as Israel readies for High Holy Days.

Will Israelis Form Unity Gov’t or Could They Go to Polls for Third Time? 9/20/19

Israelis vote but end up without clear winner again - will a unity government emerge or will there be third election? And Mideast braces for possible Iran war after attack on Saudi oil facility; and Tel Aviv: a modern city fulfilling ancient prophecy.

Why Evangelical Delegation Met Saudi Leaders on Eve of 9-11 Anniversary 9/13/19

Why did Evangelical Christian leaders meet Saudi leaders on the eve of the 9-11 Anniversary?; plus Netanyahu riles the Arab world with a campaign pledge to annex the Jordan Valley; and we ask Israeli voters in Tel Aviv who they'll choose.

Are Israel’s Upcoming Elections Really a Referendum on Netanyahu? 9/6/19

Israeli PM flies to London to meet Britain's PM and US defense secretary to discuss danger of Iran; plus Israelis get ready for national elections for the second time within months; and United Hatzalah - Israel's innovative answer to emergency care.

Israel Iran Shadow War Comes into the Open 8/30/19

Israel’s and Iran’s Shadow War comes into the open; the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast goes to the Hague and Scott Ross discovers archeological treasures in Magdala on the Sea of Galilee.

The Real Agenda Behind the BDS Movement, 8/23/19

President Trump says Democratic Jews are disloyal to Israel if they support Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib; the true agenda of the BDS Movement and Save a Child’s Heart celebrates 5000 surgeries to save lives.

Israel Bans Tlaib, Omar over BDS, Lets Tlaib Visit Grandma, She Refuses 8/16/19

Israel bans Omar, Tlaib over BDS support, grants Tlaib visit to Grandma, but Tlaib rejects it; and prophecy fulfilled as new immigrants arrive in the Jewish homeland; plus Scott Ross takes us to biblical town of Hebron to see the controversy there.