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Exclusive: VP Pence in Jerusalem Tells CBN Anti-Semitism is Alive & Well 1/24/20

US VP Pence to CBN News: anti-Semitism alive and well, while world leaders gather in Jerusalem to mark 75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation and on the ground a report from the Nazi death camp; plus European leaders address growing anti-Semitism.

Major Unrest in Iran – The Beginning of the End for the Islamic Regime? 1/17/20

Does unrest in Iran signal beginning of the end for the Islamic regime? Plus Scott Ross visits 1st century town of Magdala and synagogue where many believe Jesus preached; and Passages - Christian students visit Israel for a life changing experience.

Soleimani’s Legacy: Masses of Shia Militiamen in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria 1/10/20

Iran retaliates for US killing of Gen. Qassem Soleimani; what's next for the Middle East? And did an Iranian missile down a Ukrainian airliner? Plus Soleimani's legacy - hundreds of thousands of armed Shia militiamen in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria.

Mideast on Edge after US Assassinates Iranian General, What’s Next? 01/03/20

Mideast on edge after US kills top Iranian general; Israel braces for what's next; plus Jerusalem to help Arabs integrate into workforce by teaching Hebrew instead of hatred; and Empowered-21 celebrating the Holy Spirit at Pentecost in Jerusalem.

2019: Historic Israeli Elections, Iranian Threats, Biblical Treasures 12/27/19

Significant trends of 2019: Israeli leaders fail to form a government; Iran continued to threaten Israel; Turkey invaded Syria forcing Christians, others to flee; and Israeli archaeologists uncovered biblical treasures; plus what’s ahead in 2020?

Season of Light! Christmas & Hanukkah in Jerusalem & Around the World 12/20/19

It's all about light -- a Christmas and Hanukkah special! We'll take a look at the beginning Christmas celebrations as we know them today; and the eight days of Hanukkah - a victory story; plus the story behind a beloved Christmas carol.

It’s Official: Israelis Head to 3rd Nat’l Elections in Less Than a Year 12/13/19

It's official: third Israeli national elections in a year. Will a coalition finally come together? And a shocking story: Christian refugees persecuted by a UN agency; plus Lebanese businessman donates Hitler artifacts to Israel's Holocaust memorial.

Christian Businesspeople Fight BDS by Doing Business with Israel 12/06/19

Iranians defy tyrannical regime, cry for freedom. Could Iran’s Islamic Republic collapse? Plus NATO leaders question Turkey’s role at 70th anniversary meeting; and Christian businesspeople visit Israel, take on BDS by blessing instead of boycotting.

Iranian Protesters Shout Death to Supreme Leader Khameni 11/29/19

After indictment, Netanyahu faces new political threats. Can he survive? Plus, Iranian protesters call for regime overthrow; and why Israelis live on the Golan Heights when Iranian threat is so nearby; and world's fastest growing church is in Iran.

Political Earthquake as Netanyahu Indicted, Still No New Government 11/22/19

Political earthquake as Netanyahu indicted on fraud, bribery charges; will he be overthrown or can he hold onto power? Plus uproar as US says Israeli settlements not illegal; and CBN CEO Gordon Robertson on why Christians stand with Israel.

Millions of Israelis Take Cover as Terrorists Fire Hundreds of Rockets 11/15/19

Millions of Israelis take cover as Islamic Jihad fires hundreds of rockets; will a shaky cease fire hold? Plus Turkey's President Erdogan meets President Trump, who says NE Syria ceasefire is holding. But those on the ground tell a different story.

Turkish-Backed Jihadist Forces Assaulting ‘Zone of Death’ in NE Syria 11/8/19

Turkish-backed Jihadist army keeps up assault on 'zone of death' in NE Syria -- who will help? And could Turkish invasion be just first step in Erdogan's dream of a Greater Turkey? Plus a stunning tribute to a Free Burma Ranger who died saving lives.

‘Soft’ Ethnic Cleansing as Jihadists Steal Christian Lands in NE Syria 11/01/19

Christians, Kurds caught in crossfire as fighting continues in NE Syria; plus ‘soft’ ethnic cleansing as Jihadists steal Christian lands; and South Africans premiere biblical musical of Daniel in Jerusalem to bless the Jewish State.

Major Powers Vie for Control in NE Syria, Christians Warn of Genocide 10/25/19

Major powers vie for control in NE Syria as Trump suggests Kurds flee to oil rich areas, Christians warn Turkey might commit genocide; and will Netanyahu's opponent form gov’t where he failed?; plus Love in the Face of ISIS - praying for the MidEast.

US, Turkey Agree on Ceasefire in NE Syria, Will It Hold? 10/18/19

US, Turkey agree on ceasefire in NE Syria but SDF, Assad & Russians aren’t part; plus CBN's Chuck Holton & George Thomas report from front lines on human cost, humanitarian efforts; and thousands of Christians celebrate biblical Sukkot in Jerusalem.

NE Syria under Turkish Assault: Who Will Help Kurds, Christians? 10/11/19

Thousands flee as Turkey assaults NE Syria after US troops withdraw: who will help Kurds, Christians? And anti-Semitism flares with attempted Yom Kippur synagogue attack in Germany; plus tens of millions of Christians pray for the peace of Jerusalem.