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Spiders and Snakes in the House

CBN Reporter, Dan Reany, said, “In Chiapas, Mexico, I walked a rocky path with Miriam and her two children.  She struggles because she had polio as a baby.  That made enduring the devastating earthquakes in Mexico all the more difficult.”

Miriam´s son, Jairo, explained, “We could not get out of our house at first, because the door got stuck. A neighbor helped us escape and we ran.”

Miriam said, “Everything was dark. The second we ran outside, we heard a loud noise.  It was the walls and the roof falling down.  The whole house collapsed.”

With their home destroyed, Miriam borrowed some materials and made a shelter.  I asked her if mice and rats came in at night, and she told me her bigger concern was snakes.

Jairo said, “I looked down when I was walking, and I saw a big snake. They live all around this place.”

Miriam said, “I didn’t want snakes or spiders to bite my children, so I lit fires every night to keep them away.  I only slept one or two hours each night and then went to work.”

She makes a living picking peanuts, and cleaning houses.  But she could never save enough to build or buy a new home.

Jairo explained, “I told my mother I wanted to get a job, so I could help pay for a house for us.”  

Dan Reany said, “All she was able to do on her own was build a simple plastic shack, but with the help of CBN donors and volunteers, Miriam and her children will soon have a home.”

We prefabricated panels in a local workshop and when they were ready, we carried them up the hill to where the foundation had already been poured.  We worked late into the night, using our production lights to see.  In a matter of half a day, the basic structure was ready.  Miriam and her children could hardly believe it.

Jairo said with a big smile, “When I saw the house, I was very happy and my mom too.”

With just a little more finishing work done in the daylight, their new home was soon ready.  

Miriam moved in right away.  She wondered why donors and volunteers she didn’t even know reached out to help her family.  We talked to her about God and the Bible, and that day, she decided to invite Jesus into her heart.

Jairo said, “Thank you for helping us! I am very grateful to you and to God.”

“I am so happy to have a house for my children,” said Miriam. “God bless you so much!”

Miriam’s family and CBN volunteers all happily shouted to everyone who helped, “Gracias!”

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