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Answered Prayer for Improved Finances

Daniel and Jacqueline love spending time with their three children.

Daniel says, “I love my family. They are a top priority in my life.”

Jacqueline shares, “My kids have given us a whole different way of looking at life in the world.”

Daniel grew up in Queens, New York where he learned how to manage money. When he got a job in digital media, he put that knowledge to use.

Daniel recalls, “When I received my paycheck, I would save it and I would also invest in stocks, mainly through 401k because I was afraid to lose my money.”

Jacqueline, on the other hand, had a different idea about money. She had tithed all her life and encouraged Daniel to do the same.

Daniel shares, “When I heard about tithing giving 10% of my income, I just thought it was excessive and I refused to do it.”

Jacqueline says, “And he had a really hard time with that 10%. He was like, ‘Ten percent, that seems significant?’ I prayed that the Lord would truly show him that He was the one that was giving us all of the things that we were surrounded by.”

Meanwhile, Jacqueline was expecting their first child. Daniel was in the process of looking for a new job. Then one Sunday, Daniel heard a message about giving….and Jacqueline’s prayers were answered.  

Daniels says, “And I decided I was going to tithe. All of it really belongs to God. It’s amazing that He entrusts us with 90%. And I realize, ‘Wow, like 10% actually is not a lot.’”

Just one week later, Daniel got a new job, one that came with a promotion and a 50% salary increase.
Daniel shares, “So when I gave 10% of my salary, uh I knew that God had blessed me with this job offer. And I knew that He was saying, "Trust me, son. Trust me with your finances because I'm going to provide for you no matter what."

Jacqueline says, “I absolutely think that him tithing was one of the main things that led the Lord to blessing him in that way. And I honestly think it's because he needed it. He needed the Lord to show him that He had his back and that all blessings truly come from Him.”

Daniel and Jacqueline continued to tithe, and they say God continued to bless them.

Jacqueline recalls, “The Lord opened every door. I mean, immediately it was just easy.”

The Hoyos family credit giving to their success. One ministry they support is the Superbook Club. They love how it helps their children learn about God and the bible.

Daniel says, “I actually really enjoy it as well. It's just a fun way to share the gospel and make the word of God exciting to my kids.”

Daniel and Jacqueline say they’ve been blessed and it’s all because they made the decision to manage money the right way.

Jacqueline says, “He's been so faithful to us. I mean, we've seen it over and over again. He comes in and just completely blows us away with His blessings.”

Daniels says, “What I've realized about God is that you can't out give God. the more you give of your finances, the more He's going provide. To trust God with money is really to trust God.”

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