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Joyce: A Life You Changed

Joyce just started her busy career as a successful nurse.  But she still takes time to go back home, to Living Faith International, a ministry supported by Orphan’s Promise.   

Joyce said, “The kids are always excited to see me. We are all from different backgrounds, but we are all family.  When I was their age, a medical mission visited my village. I saw the doctors and nurses wearing white coats, and I told myself that one day I will wear one, too.”

Joyce’s mother couldn’t provide for her, so Joyce came to the Christian boarding school supported by Orphan’s Promise.  Here, she got a good education, and pursued her dreams.  

“Whenever the younger children got sick, I took care of them and tried to nurse them back to health,” explained Joyce.

Not only did Orphan’s Promise sponsor Joyce’s education at the boarding school, we also paid her way through nursing school.

Joyce said, “I feel so complete. I am the first one in my family to reach college and graduate.  God put this dream in my heart, and through you my dream is now a reality.  I will be forever thankful that you gave me this opportunity. I pray you will never give up on helping others. You can transform more lives, like you did for me.”

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