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The Surprising Way to Financial Security

“My mother would always tell me, ‘If you clench on to anything then that's all you'll ever have. But if you give then you'll receive.’”

Irene remembered those words and throughout the years gave when and what she could. Even after she graduated from college with no job and no money, she would still take extra groceries she got from her mother and give them to the homeless in her community.

“The Lord,” Irene explained, “just put it upon my heart to give. And so I just prayed, ‘Lord, if you help me get a job…I will give back.’”

Soon after, Irene was offered a job in Boston. She kept her promise to God and sponsored two children through Compassion International. Then, one day, she came across The 700 Club, and for the first time, learned about tithing.

“I'd never seen The 700 Club before,” Irene remembered. “And they were doing a telethon, a fundraiser. And for some reason it just caught my attention. And that's when I just – I felt convicted in my heart I just knew for me personally that it was a step towards giving my heart to God and being obedient to the Lord.”

Irene became a regular viewer of The 700 Club, and later became a CBN partner.

She said, “I really believe that CBN, they're good stewards of what they receive. The more I saw Orphan's Promise, Operation Blessing all those programs, I knew it was a good place to invest as well. I'd see people's hearts – like Terry's (Meeuwsen) heart, her compassion for kids is real. And it really touches me. And when she speaks, and when Gordon (Robertson) speaks, I feel like they're speaking directly to me.”

In 2011, Irene got engaged to Brian, a global automotive industry manager for a chemical company. Growing up, Brian had been taught the importance of tithing, but it wasn’t until he met Irene that he felt prompted to tithe consistently.  

Brian shared, “She's sets an extremely high bar which is a challenge. But also in my heart knowing that's what God expects us to do. And honestly and when I do tithe, I just feel a sense of peace.”

Shortly before the couple married in 2012, Irene felt led to make an investment in a condo.

“I just felt like the Lord started giving me ideas,” she said. “I suddenly started to get an impression that I should invest in a short sale or foreclosure.”

Brian described, “It was a huge risk for me because I already owned a townhome I was living in and so now I was going to take on another property? We prayed and God just gave us that guidance that ‘This is the right thing to do.’”  

The following year, they got an offer on that condo and sold it at a $100,000 profit. Because of that blessing, Irene has been able to become a stay-at-home mom for their two boys.

Irene said, “Being able to stay at home with my kids means everything. The Lord blessed us more than we could have ever imagined or asked.”

For Irene and Brian, giving is more than a privilege – it’s a blessing.

As Brian shared, “The benefit through tithing, it far exceeds the actual amount in terms of financial blessings, but also individual blessings, spiritual blessings. I couldn't encourage it any more.”

And as far as Irene sees it, “Being obedient to the Lord is something you'll never regret.”

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