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Meet the Viral "Little Big Shots" Worship Leader

Caleb Serrano is a 6-year-old praise and worship leader from Greensboro NC. He has been singing since he was 5 in churches and traveling with his grandfather.  His performances have been captured and posted on social media. The video of him singing, This Little Light of Mine went viral in May of 2016 and Caleb became a social media sensation. His talent landed him on season 2 of NBC’s Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey. While on stage with Harvey, Caleb proudly points out his grandfather (his Paw-Paw) in the audience and says, “He taught me how to sing.” He’s also performed on the Harry Connick, Jr. show where Harry played the piano while Caleb sat on top of it and sang to the audience. He garnered 14 million views on Facebook for his performance on Harry’s show. He was invited to sing at JoyFest in North Carolina and Virginia where some of the leading gospel artists like Kirk Franklin, The Mann Family and Tasha Cobbs performed.

His parents, Richard and Dee, noticed the passion and love Caleb exhibited for gospel music. His boldness towards God was unique for someone his age. Caleb doesn't just sing. He worships God as he sings, and he leads the audience into worship. He interacts with his listeners by telling them to stand, clap their hands, and join in on the singing like adult worship leaders do. The songs that Caleb sings are well-known songs used in traditional churches. One of Caleb's favorite songs is This Little Light of Mine. He also likes songs by Shirley Caesar and John P. Kee. Caleb says he doesn’t get nervous when he sings in front of large crowds because, “God gave me the gift to sing gospel music. God told me I would sing gospel for His glory.”

“Caleb has been singing for a long time. I noticed he had a drive for music since he was about 1. He has always loved music, but he’s been singing since he has been able to talk,” says Dee. His talent has touched the lives of people around the world, no matter the age, background or nationality. Richard says, “The biggest surprise in this journey so far is the positive feedback from around the world. Not just locally but internationally how people are reaching out to share what Caleb’s gift has done for them. These are people that have never seen him.” He has fans from as far as Australia, Fiji, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ukraine. Recently, Caleb was asked to join a few dates for John P. Kee's #ChangeTheWorldTour. They traveled to Houston and Beaumont Texas to give a free concert and love on the recent Hurricane victims.  The purpose of these performances was to minister and bring a message of love, hope and faith to those in desperate need. The events were held inside two churches where the members were drastically affected by flood and wind damage. “It was a tremendous blessing to be able to encourage those affected that in spite of there circumstances our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ still loves them and is working on their behalf,” shares Richard. “It has been a blessing that so many people are touched by my little one, my blessing,” shares Dee. One of the ladies in attendance at the Houston concert was from Kenya. Every morning she would listen to Caleb sing. On her visit to Texas she was not aware that Caleb would be performing, but was delighted when she learned he would be singing.

When Caleb is not traveling he sings with the youth choir at his church, Ebenezer Baptist Church, in Greensboro, NC. He also cheers on his older brother, Bryson, who is an athlete.  Both Richard and Dee are very supportive. “We encourage Caleb to perform for God, not people,” says Richard. They also want him to enjoy being a kid. As for the future, Dee and Richard are in no hurry. They pray Caleb’s gift will continue to be a blessing to others.

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Praise and worship leader

Featured on: Steve Harvey's Little Big Shots

Harry Connick Jr

ABC Nightly News

Performed at JoyFest by Premier Productions at Carowinds and Kings Dominion

Performed on Anthony Brown's "A Long Way From Sunday" album release concert

Parents, Richard and Dee

Brother, Bryson, 13


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