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Find Beauty in the Midst of Brokenness

Andrea grew up outside of Chicago with 2 brothers.  She seemed like a happy child, but inside Andrea felt invisible.  She struggled with allergies and ailments which added to her emotional sensitivities.  Her parents divorced when she was 12 and her grandparents died, leaving Andrea facing a huge sense of loss.  “It was really hard on me.  I dealt with depression while going through puberty,” she says. At 15, she started smoking pot and soon expanded to drinking and experimenting with more drugs. Andrea’s mother remarried when she was a junior in high school and announced that she was moving away.  When Andrea moved in with her father, that’s when the eating disorders started.  “I wanted a sense of control over my life,” says Andrea who at one point got down to 78 pounds.  

After a two-week outpatient treatment for her eating disorder, Andrea was delighted to find out her father took a job transfer to San Diego.  Andrea decided to become an actress and moved to LA a few months later.  Her new agent invited her to a party at the Playboy mansion.  “In the blink of an eye, I was introduced to this lifestyle.  I went down some awful paths,” she says.  To make ends meet, Andrea took a job at a bikini bar.  “My sense of disgust never faded, but somehow, my sense of horror over the behavior unfolding before me (and by me) diminished over time into a sad realization that lust, loneliness and desperation made for an ugly, empty combination.”  She took an acting class and her coach was a Christian who invited her to Malibu Vineyard.  While at a party, Hugh Hefner overheard Andrea and a friend talking about going to church and sent the girls to church in a black stretch limo!  

Andrea read an article about asking God to help win the battle against eating disorders, so she began praying and started attending a Bible study in Burbank.  “I was beginning to tune into His voice, though in all honesty, I had no comprehension of just whose voice this was,” says Andrea who was still struggling with feelings of insignificance. Two and a half years after moving to Hollywood, Andrea was at a crossroads.  “My personal life, body and soul, was deeply broken,” she says.  On her way to an audition, Andrea reached her lowest point at a stoplight.  “The tears wouldn’t stop.  I cried right there at the stoplight,” she says.  A man in the car next to her honked his horn and held up a sign with the number of a radio station.  She searched for the station and a radio host said, If you are hopeless and at the end of your rope, God loves you and has a plan for your life.  Andrea felt a flood of relief pour over her. “God reached down from the heavens and touched me,” she says.  One day she went back to Malibu Vineyard with a friend where the pastor offered a message of salvation.  “That January 2001 day was the intentional decision that began my transformation from a partying, morally-challenged woman into the follower of Christ I am today – perfectly unfinshed,” she says.  She met David at church six months later.  They started dating a year later and were married a year after that.  While they were dating, Andrea says she became bulimic.  “It was probably due to the stress of the new relationship,” she says.  Andrea confided in David who completely supported her and gave her hope. She asked a pastor at church to pray for her and was delivered of bulimia in February 2003!

In December 2005, David embarked on a venture to launch Pure Flix Entertainment, which includes a movie company to create faith-based films and a video streaming family-friendly source on the web.  She has learned over the 16 years of being a believer that life is hard.  “The storms don’t end and life doesn’t get easy,” she says.  “One step at a time, one day at a time, we choose to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and His perfect work.”  She reminds us there is beauty in broken.  “Every crack is a reminder of the work God is doing,” she says.  “Every fracture is a place that reminds us we have an eternal inheritance ahead of us.”

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Author, Perfectly Unfinished, Zondervan 2017

Co-owner with husband David A.R. White Pure Flix Entertainment

Actress, has starred in Mom’s Night Out (with Patricia Heaton) and Do You Believe (with Sean Astin), was a contestant on the 5th season of Survivor and Fear Factor.

3 children


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