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Cynthia was raised in a Catholic home and always dreamed of being in television. She would read books and imitate characters, often pretending to be Barbara Walters.  When she was 9, she was sexually abused.  Cynthia learned to suppress her emotions.  “When you’re a child, you process a lot of emotional breaks.  In order to continue forward, you shove all of it down and keep dealing,” says Cynthia.  As she would lie in bed asking God why this happened to her, Cynthia knew she was dealing with something.  “God told me it was spiritual warfare,” she says. “I had no idea what that was.” This single event colored the rest of her life.  “This is where my heart broke,” says Cynthia.  “This is where my soul literally split and I learned that life was a battle spiritually.  “I always knew that God was real.  I felt Him and His presence.”  At 14, her parents divorced.   Cynthia’s mother was left to take care of 6 children so Cynthia was often left unsupervised.  When she was 16, she was raped.  Cynthia felt abandoned and misunderstood.  “My sexual abuse and my being raped were part of the demonic war waged against me to get me to quit on life,” she says.  She continued to suppress her emotions. By the time she went to college, Cynthia’s looks blossomed.  In her effort to protect herself and prove her worth, Cynthia began using relationships to hurt others.   “I started going through guys and love like toilet paper,” she says.  “Broken heartedness is what happens to us when we break as children.  We carry that as we grow up.  There is fear, shame, low self-esteem and always anger – sometimes anger directed at God,” says Cynthia.

While in law school, Cynthia began a spiral downward.  She began a quest to construct a confident identity and turned to men and cocaine.  Now in her mid-20s, Cynthia met and married a man she only knew for a month.  While on honeymoon in Italy, Cynthia discovered a large amount of drugs in his car.  While attempting to discard the drugs, Cynthia was arrested as an accomplice and sent to jail for 3 months.  On her first night in jail, Cynthia was at her lowest point.  She had a dream that a nun handed her a Bible with the words, Good News, on the cover.  The nun told her if she read the Bible and devoted her life to it, God would save her.  The next day, a woman came to her cell.  She held out a book and said, “This is God’s Word.  If you read it and devote your life to it, God will save you.”  Cynthia looked down at the book and across the cover was written the words, Good News Bible.  She gave her life to Christ alone in her prison cell.  “I remember the tears of joy, relief, and emotional freedom I felt in that moment,” she says.  “I felt known and understood, for the first time in my life, as I came to personally know and understand God.” While in prison, Cynthia discovered she had became pregnant on her honeymoon.  Eventually, she was sentenced to 6 years; her husband got 11.  After a second appeal, she was sentenced to house arrest and soon she was able to move throughout the city.  For a year and a half, she lived in an apartment with her son.  With the help of her attorney in the US, Cynthia fled Italy and escaped through Switzerland before arriving in Los Angeles.  She began attending church and met many people connected to Hollywood.  Soon Cynthia was offered opportunities to work in television.

As she focused on her career, Cynthia got distracted and God took a back seat.  One day, she felt she could no longer see Him, Cynthia hit her knees in surrender.  Her career in secular TV was thriving but inside Cynthia wanted to change women’s lives through faith-based programming. Today she is the host for the TBN series, The London Sessions with Cynthia Garrett and The Mini Sessions with Cynthia Garrett.  “They’re not a talk show; they’re a walk show.”  Cynthia reminds us that the self-esteem questions we have can all be answered in the person of Jesus Christ.  “You have to acknowledge Jesus because He’s the greatest takeaway from any segment on any issue,” says Cynthia.  She says the world doesn’t need another Oprah or Dr. Phil.  “In my opinion, the world needs a supernatural encounter with a living God.”  

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Author, Prodigal Daughter, self-published 2017

Former TV host for programs on NBC, ABC and VH1

Graduate, USC School of Law, Southern California

Comparative Law Degree, Oxford University, England

Host of TBN’s The London Sessions with Cynthia Garrett and The Mini Sessions with Cynthia Garrett; Speaker


Married to Roger

One child


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