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Motorcycle Enthusiast Trusts God for Healing

Rebecca has always loved the open road.

“Next to my children, and of course my Jesus Christ comes first, it’s my motorcycles that I love to ride,” Rebecca states with no hesitation.  “I taught my grandchildren how to ride, how to fix their own Harley, what a wrench is.”

But riding her motorcycle – and all other activities – came to a sudden halt in September, 2017.

“When I woke up on Labor Day morning, “ she recalls,” I had an excruciating pain that was going across the left side of my lower back and it scared me. And then when I couldn’t move it scared me even more. I thought it was a sciatic nerve and that it would have to work out, you know. So I didn’t go to the doctor.”

What upset her even more was that her granddaughter’s wedding was a just a few days away - and Rebecca was to perform the ceremony.

“I started talking to God, but then I started getting upset because I said Friday is when Mary Jane’s getting married and this just cannot happen.” And I thought, “Oh if it is it takes a month or two to leave; what am I going to do?”

Rebecca rested her back as much as possible and kept praying for relief.

“I could not bend over. I could not stand up. There was no way I could tie my shoes. I mean, I couldn’t comb my hair. I couldn’t do anything,” she says.  “And so I was really stressed out. But then the Lord would remind me of Matthew 6 and He says that worrying is a sin.”

Still in pain Wednesday morning, Rebecca turned on The 700 Club.

FROM 9/4/17 SHOW (Wendy Griffith): “There’s someone right now, you’ve been experiencing severe back pain, in the left side of your back. God’s touching you right now, you’re being healed.”

“And I thought ah! She’s talking about me!  I was shocked,” Rebecca remembers.  “Like there wasn’t a thing wrong with me. Absolutely nothing wrong with me. I put my hands in the air. I thanked God.”

Without back pain, she was able to perform and celebrate her granddaughter’s wedding.

“And I got to read God’s Word and watch this beautiful thing unfold right before my very eyes. It was an honor.”

Rebecca was also able to get back on the road with her husband, Jay.

“No pain. To this day. God still does miracles today,” she says.  “And He did it for me.”

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