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Kids in a foster home for “at risk” tribal children in Chiang Mai, Thailand that is supported by CBN’s Operation Blessing, learn about Jesus Christ...

Tag may no longer be "it" on some playgrounds across America. An elementary school south of Boston is banning the game as well as touch football and...

He was at the bottom of his class and always in trouble. One day Sophy turned on the TV and saw a program that changed his life.

Meng Meng from China is bright and wants to be a pilot when he grows up. That's a big ambition for a boy who cannot hear.

Parkway Church in Chesapeake, Virginia partnered with Operation Blessing to help children who have members of their families in prison.

Do you know what your kids are looking at on the Internet? If you're not careful, they can be swept away in a flood of online pornography.

We often hear about deadbeat dads. Author Gabriel Pelino shines the light on a few dads who are making a difference in their kids’ lives.

What psychologists now realize is that these jam-packed schedules can silence play. This lack of play is stunting emotional, behavioral and even...

In today's fast food culture, eating right can be difficult even for the most attentive parent. Dr. Gregory Jantz shares his tips on how to make...

A new survey shows three out of four high school graduates aren't ready for college even though they've taken the recommended classes. The problem...

Anti-porn groups are depending on parents to monitor children online and citizens to report child exploitation to the center's tipline.