About Our Ministries

What we do

Orphans & Vulnerable Children

CBN is reaching out to orphans and vulnerable children through CBN’s Orphan’s Promise. Our goal is to reach out with the love of Jesus and meet their physical, educational and spiritual needs through partnerships with local churches and other established ministries.

The Need

  • Tragically, approximately 153 million children are orphaned worldwide.
  • There are millions more children who have parents living below the poverty line and suffer hunger, hardship, abuse and even fall victim to the horrors of human trafficking.
  • In many countries, thousands of children will die before the age of five from food shortages, polluted water, and lack of basic hygiene and medical care.

What We Have Accomplished Together

  • We are currently working in over 59 countries, partnering with established ministries already working on the ground and supporting their efforts to help orphaned and vulnerable children.1 Working in this way stretches every dollar and ensures that projects are run efficiently.
  • Sometimes the need is simple - bedding and supplies for an orphanage, computers for learning centers, or fresh water for a village. Sometimes they are larger - a residential building, a program to help transition sex slaves into a safe place, a training center for children who have aged out of their orphanage. Whatever the need may be, we depend on the Lord’s leading and the wisdom of team members who are familiar with working in developing nations to guide us.

With your generosity, these programs bring hope and relief to those in need, as an expression of God's unfailing love.

Be Part of the Answer

When you give to CBN, you bring love, hope and life to desperately needy children. CBN partners have the confidence of knowing their gifts do so many things. Whether feeding the hungry, healing the sick, or broadcasting the Gospel, each gift changes lives here in America and around the world.

CBN is accredited by The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), a financial standards advocacy group that accredits organizations that comply with its strict financial standards.

  • 1. Compiled statistics from CBN for 2016.