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Articles on Doubt

When you place your faith in the Omnipotent God, believing on His awesome power with all your heart, He will enable you to achieve the insurmountable...

As I blindly wait for God's response to my prayers, my faith has been shaken a few times.

In our human-centered understanding, we try to make up other avenues to get to heaven.

Paul was an atheist and a scholar, but after reading and research, he concludes the truth about Jesus.

I have questioned God’s love. How does a God who loves someone allow sexual assault and abuse to happen?

Abbas served as an interpreter for U.S. Forces. When tragedy struck, he yearned for his life to change. 

When God created the universe and everything in it, He said it was very good. He also created you - what do you think He said?

Was I willing to take a step of faith, risk all that I’d help to build, in order to experience a greater adventure?

We all recognize physical thirst, but have you ever thought that you might be spiritually thirsty? Here are 5 signs that you may be spiritually...

J.R.R. Tolkien expert Devin Brown details "The Lord of the Rings" author's strong faith and the biblical messages found in "The Hobbit".


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