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Two underdogs team up to take a dreadful high school football program to championship glory. Plus, a torn muscle is healed months before doctors said...

A search for love sent Kendra into bad relationships and left her addicted to drugs. When she overdosed, she cried out for a second chance.

When Anne and her husband became Christians, Anne prayed for a financial idea, leading to a business that took off.

Hugh Ross discusses the possibility of life on other planets, and the intrigue with aliens and Area 51.

High school football coach Sam Greiner takes on the challenge of revitalizing the woeful program at a low-income public school while discovering the...

Pat and Wendy pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing.

Luis Ruiz shares how he survived the deadly Pulse Nightclub shooting and how God set him free from homosexuality.

Nia Franklin discusses life, faith, and her year as Miss America 2019.

It’s a disturbing trend. Christian leaders are renouncing their faith. Dan and Dale have an honest conversation about these sad events.


Simidele Adeagbo trained with the hopes of winning Olympic Gold in track, but in a turn of events, she makes history as Africa's first ever female to...

A young athlete is rushed to the ER with a traumatic brain injury. Watch as he makes a miraculous recovery. Plus, meet an elite group of first...